Giulia Ferretto (PhD). Restoring ecosystem function in threatened seagrass beds (co-supervised by Assoc. Prof. Adriana Vergés) Twitter: @ferretto89

Nik Hubbard (PhD). Impacts of artificial light at night on marine organisms (co-supervised by Dr Mariana Mayer-Pinto and Dr Katherine Dafforn) Twitter: @NikiHubbard

Maddy Langley (PhD). Restoring threatened seagrass meadows (co-supervised by Assoc. Prof. Adriana Vergés)

Rick Leong (PhD) Role of oyster reefs in coastal biodiversity (co-supervised by Assoc. Prof. Paul Gribben) Twitter: @rickcleong

Chris Roberts (PhD). Using recreational dive photographs to monitor change on rocky reefs. (co-supervised by Assoc. Prof. Adriana Vergés)

Maureen Thompson (PhD). Using citizen science data to understand the ecology of Australian frogs (co-supervised with Dr Corey Callaghan and Dr Jodi Rowley).