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Langley M; Garthwin R; Poore AGB; Vergés A, 2022, 'Endangered Posidonia australis Seagrass Meadows in Australia', in Imperiled: The Encyclopedia of Conservation: Volume 1-3, pp. 640 - 643,

Sotka EE; Poore A; Jormalainen V, 2018, 'The evolution of marine herbivores in response to algal secondary metabolites', in Puglisi MP; Becerro MA (ed.), Chemical Ecology The Ecological Impacts of Marine Natural Products, CRC Press, pp. 193 - 220

Poore AGB, 2016, 'Amphipods', in Encyclopedia of Earth Sciences Series, pp. 17 - 18,

Mejaes B; Poore AG; Thiel M, 2015, 'Crustaceans inhabiting domiciles excavated from macrophytes and stone', in Thiel M; Watling L (ed.), The Life Styles and Feeding Biology of the Crustacea. Volume II in the Natural History of the Crustacea series., edn. Natural History of the Crustacea, Oxford University Press, Oxford, pp. 118 - 144

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