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Steinberg RK; Turnbull J; Ainsworth TD; Dafforn KA; Poore AGB; Johnston EL, 2024, 'Impacts of necrotising disease on the Endangered cauliflower soft coral (Dendronephthya australis)', Marine and Freshwater Research, 75, pp. null - null,

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Marta IRD; Vergés A; Powell S; Smith SM; Poore AGB, 2023, 'Marine protected areas are linked to higher predation rates by fish in shallow urbanised reefs, but only in no-take reserves', Marine Ecology Progress Series, 721, pp. 135 - 150,

Ferretto G; Vergés A; Poore AGB; Gribben PE; Glasby TM, 2022, 'Floating bags have the potential to minimise oyster farming impacts on Posidonia australis seagrass meadows', Aquaculture, 560,

Thompson MM; Rowley JJL; Poore AGB; Callaghan CT, 2022, 'Citizen science reveals meteorological determinants of frog calling at a continental scale', Diversity and Distributions, 28, pp. 2375 - 2387,

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Evans SM; Griffin KJ; Blick RAJ; Poore AGB; Verges A, 2022, 'Erratum: Correction: Seagrass on the brink: Decline of threatened seagrass Posidonia australis continues following protection (PLoS ONE (2019) 14:4 (e0216107) DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0216107)', PLoS ONE, 17,

Mayer-Pinto M; Jones TM; Swearer SE; Robert KA; Bolton D; Aulsebrook AE; Dafforn KA; Dickerson AL; Dimovski AM; Hubbard N; McLay LK; Pendoley K; Poore AGB; Thums M; Willmott NJ; Yokochi K; Fobert EK, 2022, 'Light pollution: A landscape-scale issue requiring cross-realm consideration', ,

Navarro-Barranco C; Gribben PE; Ledet J J; Poore AGB, 2022, 'Habitat-complexity regulates the intensity of facilitation along an environmental stress gradient', Oikos, 2022,

Roberts CJ; Vergés A; Callaghan CT; Poore AGB, 2022, 'Many cameras make light work: opportunistic photographs of rare species in iNaturalist complement structured surveys of reef fish to better understand species richness', Biodiversity and Conservation, 31, pp. 1407 - 1425,

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Brandenburger CR; Sherwin WB; Creer SM; Buitenwerf R; Poore AGB; Frankham R; Finnerty PB; Moles AT, 2019, 'Rapid reshaping: The evolution of morphological changes in an introduced beach daisy', Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 286, pp. 20181713,

Macolino AC; Dafforn KA; Hedge LH; Poore AGB; Johnston EL, 2019, 'Fine-scale effects of boat moorings on soft sediment communities masked in large-scale comparisons', Frontiers in Marine Science, 6, pp. 101,

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