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Kamenetskii E; Sadreev AE; Miroshnichenko A, 2018, Preface,

Book Chapters

Rifat A; Hasan R; Ahmed R; Miroshnichenko AE, 2018, 'Microstructured Optical Fiber-Based Plasmonic Sensors', in Hameed MF; Obayya S (ed.), Computational Photonic Sensors, Springer, pp. 203 - 232,

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Edited Books

Kamenetskii E; Sadreev A; Miroshnichenko A, (eds.), 2018, Fano Resonances in Optics and Microwaves, Springer,

Journal articles

Deng F; Liu H; Xu L; Lan S; Miroshnichenko AE, 2020, 'Strong Exciton–Plasmon Coupling in a WS2 Monolayer on Au Film Hybrid Structures Mediated by Liquid Ga Nanoparticles', Laser and Photonics Reviews, vol. 14,

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