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Ma H; Evlyukhin AB; Miroshnichenko AE; Zhu F; Duan S; Wu J; Zhang C; Chen J; Jin B-B; Padilla WJ; Fan K, 2023, Extremely thin perfect absorber by generalized multipole bianisotropic effect, ,

Hossain TM; Miroshnichenko AE; Powell DA, 2022, Planar Metasurface Antenna with Tunable via Boundaries for Computational Imaging, ,

Alaloul M; As'ham K; Hattori HT; Miroshnichenko AE, 2022, Ultra-Efficient DC-gated all-optical graphene switch, ,

Valero AC; Borovkov D; Sidorenko M; Dergachev P; Gurvitz E; Gao L; Bobrovs V; Miroshnichenko A; Shalin AS, 2022, On the existence of pure, broadband toroidal sources in electrodynamics, ,

Sadreev A; Bulgakov E; Pilipchuk A; Miroshnichenko A; Huang L, 2022, Degenerate bound states in the continuum in square and triangular open acoustic resonators, ,

Huang L; Jia B; Pilipchuk AS; Chiang Y; Huang S; Li J; Shen C; Bulgakov EN; Deng F; Powell DA; Cummer SA; Li Y; Sadreev AF; Miroshnichenko AE, 2022, A General Framework of Bound States in the Continuum in an Open Acoustic Resonator, ,

Alaloul M; Khurgin JB; Al-Ani I; As'ham K; Huang L; Hattori HT; Miroshnichenko AE, 2022, On-chip low-loss all-optical MoSe$_2$ modulator, ,

Huang L; Jin R; Zhou C; Li G; Xu L; Overvig A; Deng F; Chen X; Lu W; Alu A; Miroshnichenko A, 2022, Ultrahigh-Q Guided Mode Resonances in An All-dielectric Metasurface, ,

Kamali KZ; Xu L; Gagrani N; Tan H; Jagadish C; Miroshnichenko A; Neshev D; Rahmani M, 2022, Electrically-tunable solid-state metasurfaces via flash localised heating, ,

Huang L; Jia B; Chiang YK; Huang S; Shen C; Deng F; Yang T; Powell DA; Li Y; Miroshnichenko AE, 2022, Topological Supercavity Resonances In the Finite System, ,

Evlyukhin AB; Poleva M; Prokhorov A; Baryshnikova K; Miroshnichenko AE; Chichkov BN, 2021, Polarization switching of quasi-trapped modes and near field enhancement in bianisotropic all-dielectric metasurfaces, ,

Tribelsky MI; Miroshnichenko AE, 2021, Two tractable models of non-stationary light scattering by subwavelength particles and their application to Fano resonances, ,

Nauman M; Yan J; de Ceglia D; Rahmani M; Kamali KZ; De Angelis C; Miroshnichenko AE; Lu Y; Neshev DN, 2021, Tunable Unidirectional Nonlinear Emission from Transition-Metal-Dichalcogenide Metasurfaces, ,

Huang L; Chiang YK; Huang S; Shen C; Deng F; Cheng Y; Jia B; Li Y; Powell DA; Miroshnichenko AE, 2021, Sound Trapping in an Open Resonator, ,

Huang L; Krasnok A; Alu A; Yu Y; Neshev D; Miroshnichenko AE, 2021, Enhanced Light-Matter Interaction in Two-Dimensional Transition Metal Dichalcogenides, ,

Camacho-Morales R; Rocco D; Xu L; Gili VF; Dimitrov N; Stoyanov L; Ma Z; Komar A; Lysevych M; Karouta F; Dreischuh A; Tan HH; Leo G; De Angelis C; Jagadish C; Miroshnichenko AE; Rahmani M; Neshev DN, 2021, Infrared up-conversion imaging in nonlinear metasurfaces, ,

Zheng Z; Komar A; Kamali KZ; Noble J; Whichello L; Miroshnichenko AE; Rahmani M; Neshev DN; Xu L, 2020, Planar narrow-band-pass filter based on Si resonant metasurface, ,

Tribelsky MI; Miroshnichenko AE, 2020, Resonant scattering of electromagnetic waves by small metal particles, ,

Valero AC; Gurvitz EA; Benimetskiy FA; Pidgayko DA; Samusev A; Evlyukhin AB; Redka D; Tribelsky MI; Rahmani M; Kamali KZ; Pavlov AA; Miroshnichenko AE; Shalin AS, 2020, Theory, observation and ultrafast response of novel hybrid anapole states, ,

Tribelsky MI; Miroshnichenko AE, 2020, Universal tractable model of dynamic resonances and its application to light scattering by small particles, ,

Valero AC; Gurvitz EA; Benimetskiy FA; Pidgayko DA; Samusev A; Rahmani M; Kamali KZ; Evlyukhin AB; Pavlov AA; Miroshnichenko AE; Shalin AS, 2020, Nontrivial Pure Zero-Scattering Regime Delivered by a Hybrid Anapole State, ,

Volkovskaya II; Xu L; Huang L; Smirnov AI; Miroshnichenko A, 2020, Multipolar second-harmonic generation from high-$Q$ quasi-BIC states in nanoresonators, ,

Xu L; Rahmani M; Ma Y; Smirnova DA; Kamali KZ; Deng F; Chiang YK; Huang L; Zhang H; Gould S; Neshev DN; Miroshnichenko AE, 2019, Enhanced Light-Matter Interactions in Dielectric Nanostructures via Machine Learning Approach, ,

Huang L; Xu L; Rahmani M; Neshev D; Miroshnichenko AE, 2019, Pushing the Limit of High-Q Mode of a Single Subwavelength Dielectric Nanocavity, ,

Moroz A; Miroshnichenko AE, 2019, On beautiful analytic structure of the S-matrix, ,

Moroz A; Miroshnichenko AE, 2019, On the Heisenberg condition in the presence of redundant poles of the S-matrix, ,

Maczewsky LJ; Wang K; Dovgiy AA; Miroshnichenko AE; Moroz A; Ehrhardt M; Heinrich M; Christodoulides DN; Szameit A; Sukhorukov AA, 2019, Extreme defect sensitivity from large synthetic dimensionality, ,

Gurvitz EA; Ladutenko KS; Dergachev PA; Evlyukhin AB; Miroshnichenko AE; Shalin AS, 2018, The high-order toroidal moments and anapole states in all-dielectric photonics, ,

Tribelsky MI; Miroshnichenko AE, 2018, Dynamic Fano resonances: From toy model to resonant Mie scattering, ,

Moroz A; Miroshnichenko AE, 2018, Constraint polynomial approach -- an alternative to the functional Bethe Ansatz method?, ,

Lepeshov S; Krasnok A; Belov P; Miroshnichenko A, 2018, Hybrid Nanophotonics, ,

Parry M; Komar A; Hopkins B; Campione S; Liu S; Miroshnichenko AE; Nogan J; Sinclair MB; Brener I; Neshev DN, 2017, Active tuning of high-Q dielectric metasurfaces, ,

Kapitanova P; Ternovski V; Miroshnichenko A; Pavlov N; Belov P; Kivshar Y; Tribelsky M, 2017, Giant field enhancement in high-index dielectric subwavelength particles, ,

Lepeshov S; Krasnok A; Mukhin I; Zuev D; Gudovskikh A; Milichko V; Belov P; Miroshnichenko A, 2016, Tuning of Hybrid Oligomers via Nanoscale fs-Laser Reshaping, ,

Yang Y; Miroshnichenko AE; Kostinski SV; Odit M; Kapitanova P; Qiu M; Kivshar Y, 2016, Multimode directionality in all-dielectric metasurfaces, ,

Hopkins B; Filonov DS; Miroshnichenko AE; Monticone F; Alù A; Kivshar YS, 2016, Interplay of magnetic responses in all-dielectric oligomers to realize magnetic Fano resonances, ,

Luk`yanchuk B; Paniagua-Dominguez R; Kuznetsov AI; Miroshnichenko AE; Kivshar YS, 2016, Suppression of scattering for small dielectric particles: an anapole mode and invisibility, ,

Kruk S; Hopkins B; Kravchenko I; Miroshnichenko A; Neshev DN; Kivshar YS, 2016, Broadband highly-efficient dielectric metadevices for polarization control, ,

Hopkins B; Miroshnichenko AE; Kivshar YS, 2016, All-Dielectric Nanophotonic Structures: Exploring the Magnetic Component of Light, ,

Miroshnichenko AE; Tribelsky MI, 2016, The ultimate absorption at light scattering by a single obstacle, ,

Liu W; Miroshnichenko AE; Kivshar YS, 2016, Q-factor enhancement in all-dielectric anisotropic nanoresonators, ,

Slobozhanyuk AP; Poddubny AN; Sinev IS; Samusev AK; Yu YF; Kuznetsov AI; Miroshnichenko AE; Kivshar YS, 2016, Enhanced photonic spin Hall effect with subwavelength topological edge states, ,

Tribelsky MI; Miroshnichenko AE, 2015, Giant In-Particle Field Concentration and Fano Resonances at Light Scattering by High-Refractive Index Particles, ,

Smirnova DA; Miroshnichenko AE; Kivshar YS; Khanikaev AB, 2015, Tunable nonlinear graphene metasurfaces, ,

Simovski C; Miroshnichenko A; Belov P; Krasnok A, 2015, Comment on "Electromagnetic Radiation under Explicit Symmetry Breaking", ,

Slobozhanyuk AP; Khanikaev AB; Filonov DS; Smirnova DA; Miroshnichenko AE; Kivshar YS, 2015, Observation of topological edge modes in bianisotropic metamaterials, ,

Hopkins B; Filonov DS; Glybovski SB; Miroshnichenko AE, 2015, Hybridization and the origin of the Fano resonances in symmetric nanoparticle trimers, ,

Krasnok AE; Slobozhanyuk AP; Simovski CR; Tretyakov SA; Poddubny AN; Miroshnichenko AE; Kivshar YS; Belov PA, 2015, Antenna model of the Purcell effect, ,

Hopkins B; Poddubny AN; Miroshnichenko AE; Kivshar YS, 2014, Circular dichroism induced by Fano resonances in planar chiral oligomers, ,

Miroshnichenko AE; Evlyukhin AB; Yu YF; Bakker RM; Chipouline A; Kuznetsov AI; Lukyanchuk B; Chichkov BN; Kivshar YS, 2014, Seeing the unseen: observation of an anapole with dielectric nanoparticles, ,

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