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O'Brien A, 2022, Human rights and homelessness in the neoliberal age,

O'Brien A, 2020, Can the COVID-19 pandemic disrupt Australia’s Faustian pact with neoliberalism? Taking the longer view,

O'Brien A, 2020, Race, poverty and disease: before the age of COVID 19,

O'Brien A, 2020, Punitive welfare is never a good idea: it's time to leave it in the past, ABC Religion and Ethics,

O'Brien A; Pawson H, 2020, 'We must act on homelessness before COVID-19 winter',

O'Brien A, 2019, 'Samia Khatun provides a different perspective on Australia's past', Sydney Morning Herald, 22 November, 2019.,

O'Brien A, 2018, Listening to homeless women: history and the role of the media in the campaign for better policy, ABC Online,;

O'Brien A, 2018, Homelessness, Policy and the Media: How a Long Lens Helps, Australian Policy and History, 23 October 2018;

O'Brien AP, 2018, 'No Foreign Country: Indigenous History is Essential to Counter Neoliberal Ideology' ABC Religion and Ethics, Opinion

O'Brien AP; Holst H, 2017, How history can challenge the narrative of blame for homelessness,

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