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Alvim MS; Fernandes N; McIver A; Morgan C; Nunes GH, 2022, Flexible and scalable privacy assessment for very large datasets, with an application to official governmental microdata,

McIver A; Morgan C; Kaminski BL; Katoen J-P, 2017, A New Proof Rule for Almost-Sure Termination,

McIver A; Morgan C; Rabehaja T, 2017, Abstract Hidden Markov Models: a monadic account of quantitative information flow,

Bordenabe N; McIver A; Morgan C; Rabehaja T, 2016, Compositional security and collateral leakage,

Andronick J; Lewis C; Morgan C, 2015, Controlled Owicki-Gries Concurrency: Reasoning about the Preemptible eChronos Embedded Operating System,

Deng Y; van Glabbeek R; Hennessy M; Morgan C, 2011, Real-Reward Testing for Probabilistic Processes (Extended Abstract),

McIver A; Meinicke L; Morgan C, 2011, Hidden-Markov Program Algebra with iteration,

McIver A; Meinicke L; Morgan C, 2010, Compositional closure for Bayes Risk in probabilistic noninterference,

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