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Hu J;Whittaker MR;Duong H;Li Y;Boyer C;Davis TP, 2015, 'Biomimetic polymers responsive to a biological signaling molecule: Nitric oxide (NO) triggered reversible self-assembly of single macromolecular chains into nanoparticles.', in J Control Release, Netherlands, Vol. 213, pp. e55 - e56, Netherlands,

Hinde E;Duong HT;Karagoz B;Gooding JJ;Boyer C;Gaus K, 2015, 'Mapping the Diffusive Route of Nanoparticles in Live Cells Reveals Shape to Control Nuclear Accessibility', in BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL, CELL PRESS, Baltimore, MD, Vol. 108, pp. 360A - 360A, presented at 59th Annual Meeting of the Biophysical-Society, Baltimore, MD, 07 - 11 February 2015,

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