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Zhao J; Boyer C; Sutharsan J, Effect of Molecular Weight and Drying Temperature on the Physico Chemical Properties of Chitosan Edible Film, ,

Yang W; Chang W; Zhang J; Yeoh GH; Boyer C; Wang CH, Effects of Waste Coffee Grounds on the Mechanical Properties, Flame Retardancy and Toxic Gas Production of Epoxy Composites, ,

Guo Z; Xie W; Zhang Q; Lu J; Ye J; Gao X; Xu W; Fahad A; Xie Y; Wei Y; Wu H; Boyer C; Zhao L; Gu Z, Photoactivation-Triggered in Situ Self-Supplied H2o2 for Boosting Chemodynamic Therapy Via Nanosheet-Mediated Catalytic Cascade Reaction, ,

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