Select Publications


Lin P; Healey D; Yong H, 2020, Comparative Study of Competition Impact Assessment Regimes and Implications for Hong Kong, Forthcoming

Healey D, 2019, Updating 2012 ASEAN Regional Capacity Building Roadmap, Report for ASEAN, CLIP Phase II of the AANZFTA Economic Coopearion Work Programme (ECWP) (2017), ASEAN, ASEAN website,

Healey D, 2018, Competition Law and State-Owned Enterprises: Enforcement, OECD No DAF/COMP/GF(2018)11, 30 November 2018) 9-11

Healey DJ, 2015, Bipartite Peer Review of Competition Law and Policy:Fiji and Papua New Guinea, United Nations Committee on Trade and Development, Geneva

Evans C; Healey DJ; Nehme M; Nicholls R; Penel C, 2015, Competition in Financial Services, Centre for International Finance and Regulation,

Healey DJ, 2015, Competition Law and the State: Competition Laws' Prohibitions of Anti-Competitive State Acts and Measures Vols 1 and 2, United Nations Committee on Trade and Development

Healey DJ, 2014, The Chinese Anti-Monopoly Law:Lessons for Australian banks and Chinese Regulators, Centre for International Financial Regulation

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