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Kingsford Smith DA; Dixon O, 2018, 'What Next for the Financial Consumer? More Disclosure? Caveat Vendor? Or Fin-Tech Online?', in Handbook of Research on International Consumer Law, edn. 2nd Revised edition, Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd,

Kingsford Smith DA; Dixon O, 2015, 'The Consumer Interest and the Financial Markets', in Maloney N; Ferran E; Payne J (ed.), The Oxford Handbook of Financial Regulation, OUP Oxford, Oxford, pp. 697 - 735

Kingsford Smith DA, 2013, 'Can There be a Fair Share? Fairness, Regulation and Financial Markets', in Sarra JP (ed.), An Exploration of Fairness - Interdisciplinary inquiries in law, science and the humanities, Carswell, Toronto, pp. 251 - 276

Kingsford Smith DA, 2010, 'Financial Services Regulation and the Investor as Consumer', in Howells G; Ramsay I; Wihelmsson T (ed.), The Handbook on Research on International Consumer Law, Edward Elgar, United Kingdom, pp. 431 - 481,

Kingsford Smith DA, 2006, 'Importing the E-world into Canadian Securities Regulation', in Canada Steps Up, edn. Original, Task Force to Modernize Securities Legislation in Canada, Toronto, pp. 289 - 349

Kingsford Smith DA, 2003, 'Networks, Norms and the Nation State: Thoughts on Pluralism and Globalized Securities Regulation', in Dauvergne C (ed.), Jurisprudence for an Interconnected Globe, edn. Hardback, Ashgate, England, pp. 93 - 126

Kingsford Smith D, 1990, 'The Regulation of International Financial Intermediaries in the United Kingdom', in Kingsford Smith D (ed.), Current Developments in Banking and Finance, Sweet & Maxwell, pp. 89 - 119

Kingsford Smith D, 1982, 'Recent Developments in Electronic Banking in Britain', in Butler WE (ed.), Anglo-Polish Legal Essays, Transnational Publishers

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