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Fahmideh M; Daneshgar F; Beydoun G; Rabhi F, 2020, Challenges in migrating legacy software systems to the cloud an empirical study, ,

Fahmideh M; Daneshgar F; Rabhi F, 2020, Cloud Migration Methodologies Preliminary Findings, ,

Namvar A; Siami M; Rabhi F; Naderpour M, 2018, Credit risk prediction in an imbalanced social lending environment, ,

Zhang Z; Cheng Y; Nepal S; Liu D; Shen Q; Rabhi F, 2018, KASR: A Reliable and Practical Approach to Attack Surface Reduction of Commodity OS Kernels, ,

Joukhadar G; Rabhi F, 2016, SOA Governance - Road into Maturity, ,

Alhamazani K; Ranjan R; Jayaraman PP; Mitra K; Liu C; Rabhi F; Georgakopoulos D; Wang L, 2015, Cross-Layer Multi-Cloud Real-Time Application QoS Monitoring and Benchmarking As-a-Service Framework, ,

Shah T; Rabhi F; Ray P; Taylor K, 2014, Enhancing Automated Decision Support across Medical and Oral Health Domains with Semantic Web Technologies, ,

Alhamazani K; Ranjan R; Mitra K; Rabhi F; Khan SU; Guabtni A; Bhatnagar V, 2013, An Overview of the Commercial Cloud Monitoring Tools: Research Dimensions, Design Issues, and State-of-the-Art, ,

Saadouni B; Mercuri E; Rabhi F; Chen W, Measuring the Impact of Austrac Investigations on Stock Returns, ,

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