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Johns F; Grolman L, 2019, Big Data and International Law, Oxford University Press,

Johns F; Compton C, 2019, Submission for the Thematic Report to the UN General Assembly on Digital Technology, Social Protection and Human Rights,

Johns F; Compton C; Zalnieriute M; Bennett Moses L; McAdam J; Goodwin-Gill G, 2019, Submission to the UNHCR’s Global Virtual Summit on Digital Identity for Refugees ‘Envisioning a digital identity ecosystem in support of the Global Compact on Refugees’,

Bennett Moses L; Johns F; Joyce D, 2018, Introduction: Data Associations in Global Law & Policy, SAGE Publications (UK and US),

Johns FE; Riles A, 2017, Introduction to Symposium on Cybersecurity and the Changing International Law of Data, Cambridge University Press,

Johns F, 2015, Book Review: Competing Sovereignties, CAMBRIDGE UNIV PRESS,

Johns FE, 2014, 'International Law 1914/2014', Critical Legal Thinking: Law & The Political,

Johns FE; Joyce D, 2014, Beyond Privacy: Is Prevailing Legal Debate too Analog for a Digital Age?

Johns FE, 2014, The Turn to Data Analytics and International Law,

Johns FE, 2013, Encyclopaedia Entries: ‘Economic, social and cultural rights’, ‘Extraterritoriality’ and ‘International Bill of Rights’, Australian Law Dictionary, Australian Law Dictionary, Oxford University Press: Australia

Johns FE, 2012, Book Review: 'Collateral Knowledge: Legal Reasoning in the Global Financial Markets’ by Annelise Riles

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Johns F; Skouteris T; Werner W, 2010, Editors' introduction: India and international law in the periphery series,

Johns F (ed.), 2008, Book Review: 'The Body and the State: Habeas Corpus and American Jurisprudence by Cary Federman'

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Johns FE, 2007, Book Review: 'International Law and its Others edited by Anne Orford'

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Johns FE, 2003, Book Review: ‘Diversity and Self-Determination in International Law by Karen Knop’, Cambridge University Press (CUP): HSS Journals

Johns FE, 2000, Book Review: ‘Citymaking by Gerald Frug’

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