Select Publications


Johns F, 2020, “Surveillance Capitalism” and the Angst of the Petit Sovereign, Wiley, London

Johns F, 2020, Drowning, Rescuing and the Law in Between, Cambridge University Press (CUP)

Johns F; Grolman L, 2019, Big Data and International Law, Oxford University Press,

Johns F; Compton C, 2019, Submission for the Thematic Report to the UN General Assembly on Digital Technology, Social Protection and Human Rights,

Johns F; Compton C; Zalnieriute M; Bennett Moses L; McAdam J; Goodwin-Gill G, 2019, Submission to the UNHCR’s Global Virtual Summit on Digital Identity for Refugees ‘Envisioning a digital identity ecosystem in support of the Global Compact on Refugees’,

Bennett Moses L; Johns F; Joyce D, 2018, Introduction: Data Associations in Global Law & Policy, SAGE Publications (UK and US),

Johns FE; Riles A, 2017, Introduction to Symposium on Cybersecurity and the Changing International Law of Data, Cambridge University Press,

Johns F, 2015, Book Review: Competing Sovereignties, CAMBRIDGE UNIV PRESS,

Johns FE, 2014, 'International Law 1914/2014', Critical Legal Thinking: Law & The Political,

Johns FE; Joyce D, 2014, Beyond Privacy: Is Prevailing Legal Debate too Analog for a Digital Age?

Johns FE, 2014, The Turn to Data Analytics and International Law,

Johns FE, 2013, Encyclopaedia Entries: ‘Economic, social and cultural rights’, ‘Extraterritoriality’ and ‘International Bill of Rights’, Australian Law Dictionary, Australian Law Dictionary, Oxford University Press: Australia

Johns FE, 2012, Book Review: 'Collateral Knowledge: Legal Reasoning in the Global Financial Markets’ by Annelise Riles

Johns F; Skouteris T; Werner W, 2011, Introduction: The league of nations and the construction of the periphery,

Johns FE; Werner W; Skouteris T, 2010, Introduction: ‘India and International Law',

Johns F; Skouteris T; Werner W, 2010, Editors' introduction: India and international law in the periphery series,

Johns F (ed.), 2008, Book Review: 'The Body and the State: Habeas Corpus and American Jurisprudence by Cary Federman'

Johns F; Skouteris T; Werner W, 2008, Editors' Introduction: Taslim Olawale Elias in the Periphery Series,

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Johns FE, 2007, Book Review: 'International Law and its Others edited by Anne Orford'

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Johns FE, 2005, Book Review: 'Critical Beings: Law, Nation and the Global Subject edited by Peter Fitzpatrick and Patricia Tuitt’

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Johns FE, 2003, Book Review: ‘Diversity and Self-Determination in International Law by Karen Knop’, Cambridge University Press (CUP): HSS Journals

Johns FE, 2000, Book Review: ‘Citymaking by Gerald Frug’

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