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Gilbert AD; Kuo FY; Sloan IH, 2022, 'Preintegration is Not Smoothing When Monotonicity Fails', in Advances in Modeling and Simulation: Festschrift for Pierre L'Ecuyer, pp. 169 - 191,

Cools R; Kuo FY; Sloan IH; Nuyens D, 2020, 'Lattice algorithms for multivariate approximation in periodic spaces with general weight parameters', in Brenner SC; Shparlinski I; Shu C-W; Szyld D (ed.), 75 Years of Mathematics of Computation, American Mathematical Society, pp. 93 - 113,

Kuo FY; Sloan IH; Woźniakowski H, 2006, 'Lattice Rules for Multivariate Approximation in the Worst Case Setting', in Monte Carlo and Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods 2004, Springer Nature, pp. 289 - 330,

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