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Huang QY; Jeyakumar V; Li G, 2024, Piecewise SOS-Convex Moment Optimization and Applications via Exact Semi-Definite Programs, ,

Pham TN; Dao MN; Shah R; Sultanova N; Li G; Islam S, 2022, A proximal subgradient algorithm with extrapolation for structured nonconvex nonsmooth problems, ,

Zeng L; Zhang Y; Li G; Pong TK; Wang X, 2021, Frank-Wolfe-type methods for a class of nonconvex inequality-constrained problems, ,

Zhang Y; Li G; Pong TK; Xu S, 2021, Retraction-based first-order feasible methods for difference-of-convex programs with smooth inequality and simple geometric constraints, ,

Boţ RI; Dao MN; Li G, 2020, Inertial Proximal Block Coordinate Method for a Class of Nonsmooth Sum-of-Ratios Optimization Problems, ,

Goberna MA; Jeyakumar V; Li G, 2020, Calculating Radius of Robust Feasibility of Uncertain Linear Conic Programs via Semidefinite Programs, ,

Boţ RI; Dao MN; Li G, 2020, Extrapolated Proximal Subgradient Algorithms for Nonconvex and Nonsmooth Fractional Programs, ,

Woolnough D; Jeyakumar V; Li G, 2020, Exact Conic Programming Reformulations of Two-Stage Adjustable Robust Linear Programs with New Quadratic Decision Rules, ,

Yu P; Li G; Pong TK, 2019, Kurdyka-Łojasiewicz exponent via inf-projection, ,

Bello-Cruz Y; Li G; Nghia TTA, 2018, On the Q-linear convergence of forward-backward splitting method and uniqueness of optimal solution to Lasso, ,

Chuong TD; Jeyakumar V; Li G, 2017, A Bounded Degree Lasserre Hierarchy with SOCP Relaxations for Global Polynomial Optimization and Applications, ,

Bomze IM; Jeyakumar V; Li G, 2017, Extended Trust-Region Problems with One or Two Balls: Exact Copositive and Lagrangian Relaxations, ,

Li G; Pong TK, 2016, Calculus of the exponent of Kurdyka-Łojasiewicz inequality and its applications to linear convergence of first-order methods, ,

Borwein JM; Li G; Tam MK, 2015, Convergence rate analysis for averaged fixed point iterations in the presence of Hölder regularity, ,

Li G; Mordukhovich BS; Nghia TTA; Pham TS, 2015, Error Bounds for Parametric Polynomial Systems with Applications to Higher-Order Stability Analysis and Convergence Rates, ,

Li G; Liu T; Pong TK, 2015, Peaceman-Rachford splitting for a class of nonconvex optimization problems, ,

Li G; Pong TK, 2014, Douglas-Rachford splitting for nonconvex optimization with application to nonconvex feasibility problems, ,

Li G; Pong TK, 2014, Global convergence of splitting methods for nonconvex composite optimization, ,

Jeyakumar V; Li G; Vicente-Perez J, 2013, Robust SOS-Convex Polynomial Programs: Exact SDP Relaxations, ,

Borwein JM; Li G; Yao L, 2013, Analysis of the convergence rate for the cyclic projection algorithm applied to basic semi-algebraic convex sets, ,

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