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Theses / Dissertations

Ma K, 2016, A Classical Density Functional Study of Ionic Liquids, UNSW, UNSW Canberra

Xu Y, 2015, Emergent Behaviour in Non-Linear Oscillator Systems, UNSW, UNSW Canberra

Wang H, 2015, Theoretical Studies of Particle/Polymer Mixtures, UNSW, UNSW Canberra

Dose TD, 2015, Dynamics of Discrete Population Models with Changing Carrying Capacity, UNSW Canberra

Waters EK, 2014, Modelling Crowding Effects in Infectious Disease Transmission, UNSW Canberra

Safuan H, 2014, Mathematical Analysis of Population Growth Subject to Environmental Change, UNSW Canberra

Chen XD, 2014, Three problems in Diffusion and Reaction Systems, UNSW, UNSW Canberra

Qian C, Adiabatic Combustion Waves in Sequential Exothermic-Endothermic Reactions

Li L, Modelling the Tidal and Sediment Dynamics in Darwin Harbour; Northern Territory, Australia

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