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Sharma S; Littman R; Tompkins J; Arneson D; Contreras J; Dajani A-H; Ang K; Tsanhani A; Sun X; Jay PY; Herzog H; Yang X; Ajijola OA, 2023, Tiered Sympathetic Control of Cardiac Function Revealed by Viral Tracing and Single Cell Transcriptome Profiling., ,

Yang C-H; Ann-Onda D; Lin X; Fynch S; Nadarajah S; Pappas E; Liu X; Scott JW; Oakhill JS; Galic S; Shi Y; Moreno-Asso A; Smith C; Loudovaris T; Levinger I; Eizirik DL; Laybutt RD; Herzog H; Thomas HE; Loh K, 2021, Elevated Neuropeptide Y1 Receptor Signaling Contributes to β-cell Dysfunction and Failure in Type 2 Diabetes, ,

Alonso AM; Cork SC; Ma Y; Arnold M; Herzog H; Bloom SR; Distaso W; Murphy KG; Salem V, 2020, The Vagus Nerve Mediates the Physiological but not Pharmacological Effects of PYY3-36 on Food Intake, ,

Pierre JF; La Torre D; Sidebottom A; Kambal A; Zhu X; Tao Y; Cham CM; Wang L; Harris KG; Zaborina O; Alverdy J; Herzog H; Witchley J; Noble SM; Leone V; Chang EB, 2020, Peptide YY: a novel Paneth cell antimicrobial peptide that maintains fungal commensalism, ,

Ip CK; Rezitis J; Zhang L; Qi Y; Bajaj N; Koller J; Farzi A; Shi Y-C; Tasan R; Herzog H, Critical Role of Lateral Habenula Circuits in the Control of Stress-Induced Palatable Food Consumption, ,

Lee NJ; Ali N; Zhang L; Qi Y; Clarke I; Enriquez RF; Brzozowska M; C Lee I; Rogers MJ; Laybutt DR; Center JR; Baldock PA; Herzog H, Osteoglycin: A Novel Coordinator of Bone and Glucose Homeostasis, ,

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