Select Publications


Franklin J; Nolan GO, 2023, Arthur Calwell, Connor Court, Redland Bay, Qld,

Franklin J, 2022, The Worth of Persons: The Foundations of Ethics, Encounter Books, New York,

Franklin JW; Nolan GO; Gilchrist M, 2015, The Real Archbishop Mannix: From the Sources, Connor Court Publishing, Ballarat,

Franklin J, 2014, An Aristotelian Realist Philosophy of Mathematics, Palgrave MacMillan,

Franklin J; Daoud A, 2011, Proof in Mathematics,

Franklin JW, 2009, What Science Knows And How It Knows It, Encounter Books, New York, USA

Franklin J, 2007, Life to the Full Rights and Social Justice in Australia, Connor Court Publishing Pty Ltd

Franklin J, 2006, Catholic Values and Australian Realities, Connor Court Publishing Pty Ltd, Ballan, Vic,

Franklin JW, 2003, Corrupting the Youth, Original, Macleay Press, Sydney

Franklin JW, 2001, The science of conjecture: evidence and probability before Pascal, Original, Johns Hopkins University Press, USA

Franklin J; Daoud A, 1988, Introduction to Proofs in Mathematics

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