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Fong KYL; Parwada JT; Yang JW, Algorithmic Trading and Mutual Fund Performance, ,

Fong KYL; Yang JW, Algorithmic Trading and Mutual Fund Performance, ,

Faleye O; Kung W; Parwada JT; Tian GY, Are Entrepreneurs Special? Evidence from Board Appointments, ,

Foroughi P; Rui Y; Parwada JT; Shen J, Are Hedge Funds More Skilled than Other Institutional Investors? Evidence from Their Use of Insider Trading Information, ,

Faff RW; Parwada JT; Tan KM, Do Bank-Related Hedge Funds Benefit from Bailouts?, ,

Parwada JT; Walter TS; Winchester DW, Do Foreign Investors Pay More for Stocks in the United States? An Analysis By Country of Origin, ,

Narulita W; Parwada JT, Does Geography Matter? The Portability of Performance, Strategy and Money Flow Following Fund Manager Relocations, ,

Niessen-Ruenzi A; Parwada JT; Ruenzi S; Tan EKM, Does Mandatory Risk Information Disclosure Affect Bank Debt Design? Cross-Country Evidence from Yankee Bond Covenants, ,

Golombik J; Kumar A; Parwada JT, Does Religion Affect Stock Markets and Institutional Investor Behavior?, ,

Parwada JT; Wu E, Effect of Market Comovements on International Mutual Fund Managers' Portfolio Holdings, ,

Allen DE; Parwada JT, Effects of Bank Funds Management Activities on the Disintermediation of Bank Deposits, ,

Parwada JT; Siaw KK, Empirical Test of the Liquidity-Based Theory of Closed-End Funds, ,

Parwada JT; Siaw K, Empirical Test of the Liquidity-Based Theory of the Closed-End Funds, ,

Narulita W; Parwada JT, Evolution of a Mutual Fund Market: Empirical Analysis of Simultaneous Growth and Decline by Fund Category in Indonesia, ,

Narulita W; Parwada JT, Evolution of Mutual Fund Market: Empirical Analysis of Simultaneous Growth and Decline by Fund Category in Indonesia, ,

Parwada JT; Walter TS; Winchester DW, Foreign Investors' Trading Disadvantage in U.S. Stock Markets, ,

Faff RW; Parwada JT; Yang JW, Fund Managers' Institutional Background and the Birth of Investment Management Companies, ,

Parwada JT; Rui Y; Shen J, Hedge Fund Ownership, Funding Liquidity Constraints and Excess Return Co-Movement, ,

Parwada JT; Yang JW, Information Diffusion among International Fund Managers: Multi-Country Evidence, ,

Niessen-Ruenzi A; Parwada JT; Ruenzi S, Information Effects of the Basel Bank Capital and Risk Pillar 3 Disclosures on Equity Analyst Research An Exploratory Examination, ,

Dishi E; Gallagher DR; Parwada JT, Institutional Investment Flows and the Determinants of Top Fund Manager Turnover, ,

Allen DE; Parwada JT, Investors' Response To Mutual Fund Company Mergers, ,

Tan KM, Managerial Replacements in Mutual Fund Families, ,

Parwada JT; Ruenzi S; Sahgal S, Market Discipline and Basel Pillar 3 Reporting, ,

Parwada JT; Faff RW, Pension Plan Investment Management Mandates: An Empirical Analysis of Manager Selection, ,

Parwada JT; Yang JW, Predicting Stock Price Movements: An Ordered Probit Analysis on the ASX, ,

Chin AYM; Parwada JT, Red-Blooded Republican or True-Blue Democrat? The Influence of Political Preferences on Money Managers' Portfolio Decisions, ,

Parwada JT; Yang WJ, Stock Market Effects of Institutional Investment Flows: Evidence from Australian Pension Plan Mandate Changes, ,

Parwada JT; Tan KME, The Effect of Fund Managerss Status on Money Flows, Performance, and Risk-Taking Behaviors, ,

Parwada JT, The Genesis of Home Bias? The Location and Portfolio Choices of Investment Company Start-Ups, ,

Dai L; Parwada JT; Zhang B, The Governance Role of the Media Through News Dissemination: Evidence from Insider Trading, ,

Parwada JT; Lau K; Ruenzi S, The Impact of Pillar 3 Disclosures on Asymmetric Information and Liquidity in Bank Stocks: Multi-Country Evidence, ,

Chapman-Davies A; Parwada JT; Tan KM, The Impact of Scandals on Mutual Fund Performance, Money Flows and Fees, ,

Faff RW; Parwada JT; Poh H-L, The Information Content of Australian Managed Fund Ratings, ,

Oh N; Parwada JT; Tan KM, The Informational Advantage of Local Investors: Evidence from Fund Managers’ Trades Around Credit Events, ,

Dai L; Parwada JT; Winchester DW; Zhang B, The More We Know, the Less We Agree: A Test of the Trading Horizon Heterogeneity Theory, ,

Parwada JT, The Scientific Value of Finance After the Crisis, ,

Parwada JTM; Shen JM; Siaw KM; Tan EKMM, The Value of Institutional Brokerage Relationships: Evidence from the Collapse of Lehman Brothers, ,

Parwada JT; Powell RG; Walter T; Whitehead M, To Complete or Not to Complete a Takeover Deal: Will Managers Swim Against the Current?, ,

Parwada JT; Tan EKM, Unwanted Attention? Negativity Bias in Mutual Fund Awards, ,

Ding N; Parwada JT; Shen J, When Does a Stock Boycott Work? Evidence from a Clinical Study of the Sudan Divestment Campaign, ,

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