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Chu G; Ziegler J; Gibson J; Riminton S, 2015, ''A CURE WOULD BE NICE' - THROWING MUD AT ADULT CGD', Vol. 45, pp. 26 - 27,

Manno EC; Bamford A; Rojo Conejo P; Marquez L; Jose Mellado M; Angeles Munoz-Fernandez M; Spoulou V; Klein N; Ananworanich J; Della Negra M; Ziegler JB; Meanson E; Lyall H; Shingadia D; Di Biagio A; Giacomet V; Vibeke R; de Sousa Marques HH; Salo E; Volokha A; Scherpbier HJ; Niehues T; Levy J; Marczynska M; Mardarescu M; Reliquet V; Giaquinto C; Bernardi S; Palma P, 2015, 'Immunization practice and vaccine safety perception in centres caring for children with prenatally acquired HIV: results from the Pediatric European Network for Treatment of AIDS survey',

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