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Lai K, 2022, 'Dao and Agency: What do the Zhuangzi's Skill Stories Tell Us about Life?', in Angiers T; Raphals L (ed.), Skill in Ancient Ethics The Legacy of China, Greece and Rome, Bloomsbury Publishing, London & New York, pp. 281 - 303,

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Lai K, 2016, 'Confucian Reliability and Epistemic Agency: Engagements with Feminist Epistemology', in Foust MA; Tan SH (ed.), FEMINIST ENCOUNTERS WITH CONFUCIUS, BRILL, pp. 101 - 126,

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Lai KL, 2014, 'Ren 仁: An Exemplary Life', in Olberding A (ed.), Dao Companion to the Analects, edn. 1st, Springer, Heidelberg, New York, London, pp. 83 - 94,

Lai KL, 2013, 'Environmental concern: Can humans avoid being partial? Epistemological awareness in the Zhuangzi', in Meinert Carmen (ed.), Nature, Environment and Culture in East Asia: The Challenge of Climate Change, Brill, Leiden, The Netherlands, pp. 69 - 82,

Lai KL, 2003, 'Confucian Moral Cultivation: Some Parallels with Musical training', in Chong K-C; Tan S-H; Tan CL (ed.), The Moral Circle and the Self: Chinese and Western Approaches, edn. Original, Open Court, Chicago and La Salle, Illinois, pp. 107 - 139,

Lai KL, 2001, 'Classical China', in Dale Jamieson (ed.), A Companion to Environmental Philosophy, Blackwell Publishers, USA, UK, pp. 21 - 36,

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