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Martire K, 2023, In what way are you qualified? Understanding epistemic (in)competence and expert persuasion through the courtroom of My Cousin Vinny, ,

Neal TMS; Martire K; Johan JL; Mathers E; Otto RK, 2022, The Law Meets Psychological Expertise: Eight Best Practices to Improve Forensic Psychological Assessment, ,

Growns B; Martire K; Mattijssen EJAT, 2022, Individual differences in distributional statistical learning: better frequency ‘discriminators’ are better explicit ‘estimators’, ,

Martire K; Montgomery-Farrer B, 2020, Judging Experts: Australian Magistrates’ Evaluations of Expert Opinion Quality, ,

Growns B; Martire K, 2020, Forensic Feature-Comparison Expertise: Statistical Learning Facilitates Visual Comparison Performance, ,

Martire K; Navarro D; Edmond G, 2020, Exploring Juror Evaluations of Expert Opinions Using the Expert Persuasion Expectancy (ExPEx) Framework, ,

Martire K; Bali A; Ballantyne K; Edmond G; Kemp R; Found B, 2020, Forensic science evidence: Naive estimates of false positive error rates and reliability, ,

Martire K; Navarro D; Edmond G; Newell BR, 2019, On the likelihood of 'encapsulating all uncertainty', ,

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