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Kim D; Lv J; Hladunewich M; Jha V; Hooi LS; Monaghan H; Billot L; Zhang H; Perkovic V; Wong MG, 2022, 'EFFICACY AND SAFETY OF REDUCED-DOSE ORAL METHYLPREDNISONE IN IGA NEPHROPATHY: THE TESTING TRIAL', in NEPHROLOGY, WILEY, Vol. 27, pp. 14 - 14,

Serhal S; Saini B; Bosnic-Anticevich S; Krass I; Emerton L; Bereznicki B; Bereznicki L; Mitchell B; Wilson F; Wright B; Wilson K; Weier N; Segrott R; Gomez M; Cleveland R; Jan S; Billot L; Shan S; Arnour C, 2022, 'Pharmacy asthma service offers new insights to health services research', in RESPIROLOGY, WILEY, Vol. 27, pp. 148 - 148,

Nagraj S; Kennedy S; Jha V; Norton R; Hinton L; Billot L; Rajan E; Arora V; Praveen D; Hirst J, 2021, 'SMARThealth pregnancy: the development & evaluation of a complex intervention for pregnant women at high risk of future cardiometabolic disorders in rural India', in BJOG-AN INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF OBSTETRICS AND GYNAECOLOGY, WILEY, Vol. 128, pp. E33 - E33,

Ouyang M; Venturelli PM; Wang X; Billot L; Song L; Arima H; Lavados P; Olavarria V; Brunser A; Robinson T; Hackett M; Middleton S; Pontes-Neto O; Lee T-H; Watkins DC; Anderson C, 2020, 'LOW PRESENTING BLOOD PRESSURE AND ADVERSE CLINICAL OUTCOME IN ACUTE STROKE: SECONDARY ANALYSIS OF THE INTERNATIONAL HEADPOST TRIAL', in INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF STROKE, SAGE PUBLICATIONS LTD, Vol. 15, pp. 89 - 90,

Hyun K; Hafiz N; Hare D; Reid C; Laba T; Usherwood T; Briffa T; Chow C; Gallagher R; Woodward M; Zwar N; Jan S; Atkins E; Billot L; Brieger D; Redfern J, 2020, '007 Characteristics of People With Cardiovascular Disease who did not Receive Influenza Vaccination: A Sub-Analysis Within QUEL Study', in Heart, Lung and Circulation, Elsevier BV, Vol. 29, pp. S40 - S40,

Wang N; Salam A; Webster R; De Silva A; Guggilla R; Stepien S; Mysore J; Billot L; Jan S; Maulik P; Naik N; Selak V; Thom S; Prabhakaran D; Patel A; Rodgers A, 2020, '021 Effects of Low-dose Triple Combination Therapy on Therapeutic Inertia and Prescribing Patterns in Hypertension – Results from the TRIUMPH Trial', in Heart Lung and Circulation, Elsevier, Vol. 29, pp. s47,

Minhas JS; Wang X; Lavados PM; Moullaali TJ; Arima H; Billot L; Hackett ML; Olavarria VV; Middleton S; Pontes-Neto O; De Silva HA; Lee T-H; Pandian JD; Mead GE; Watkins CL; Chalmers J; Anderson CS; Robinson TG, 2018, 'Head positioning and blood pressure variability in acute ischaemic and haemorrhagic stroke: a post-hoc analysis of the HeadPoST study', in INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF STROKE, SAGE PUBLICATIONS LTD, Vol. 13, pp. 48 - 48,

Keay LJ; Coxon K; Chevalier A; Brown J; Clarke E; Billot L; Bundy A; Boufous S; Ivers R, 2015, 'Behind the wheel: a randomised controlled trial evaluating a safe transport program for older drivers', in INVESTIGATIVE OPHTHALMOLOGY & VISUAL SCIENCE, ASSOC RESEARCH VISION OPHTHALMOLOGY INC, CO, Denver, Vol. 56, presented at Annual Meeting of the Association-for-Research-in-Vision-and-Ophthalmology (ARVO), CO, Denver, 03 May 2015 - 07 May 2015,

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