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Edited Books

Lixinski L; Zhu Y, (ed.), 2024, Heritage, Conflict, and Peace-Building

Lixinski L; Morisset L, (ed.), 2024, The Routledge Handbook of Heritage and the Law

Barreiro B; Jakubowski A; Lixinski L, (eds.), 2023, 15 Years of the UNESCO Diversity of Cultural Expressions: Convention Actors, Processes and Impact

Gibbon H; Golder B; Lixinski L; Nehme M; Vines P, (eds.), 2023, Critical Legal Education as a Subvervise Activity,

Blake J; Lixinski L, (ed.), 2020, The 2003 UNESCO Intangible Heritage Convention: A Commentary, Oxford University Press,

Durbach A; Lixinski L, (ed.), 2017, Heritage, Culture and Rights: Challenging Legal Discourses

Lixinski L; Marques CL, (ed.), 2015, Legislação de Direito dos Negócios Internacionais [Legislation of International Business Law]

Filho MTF; Lixinski L; Giupponi MBO, 2010, The Law of MERCOSUR, Bloomsbury Publishing

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