Select Publications


Butterly L; Lixinski L, Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Reform in Australia and the Dilemmas of Power,

Lixinski L, Article 11 of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples – Heritage Recognition, but Little Control and No Remedies,

Lixinski L, Between Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy: the Troubled Relationships between Heritage Studies and Heritage Law,

Marques CL; Lixinski L; Baquero PM, Brazil,

Lixinski L, Central and South America,

Lixinski L, Food as Heritage and Multi-Level International Legal Governance,

Lixinski L, Heritage Listing as Self-Determination,

Lixinski L; Jakubowski A; Barreiro Carril B; Calboli I; Chainoglou K; Davies P; Chechi A; Evelien C; Green Martinez S; Hausler K; Huang JJ; Kono T; Lee G; Lostal M; Loureiro Bastos F; Nafziger JAR; Nalule V; Orgad L; Renold M-A; Renteln AD; Sato Y; Ubertazzi BCA; Vrdoljak AF, International Law Association Committee on Participation in Global Cultural Heritage Governance - Executive Summary of Final Report (2022) (English),

Franca‐Filho MT; Lixinski L; Olmos Giupponi B, Introduction to the Law of MERCOSUR,

Bartl M; Tauschinsky E; Afilalo A; Christodoulidis E; Everson M; Farrand B; Gordon G; Gupta J; Kukovec D; Lixinski L; Micklitz H; Muir Watt H; Patterson D, Knowledge, Power and Law Beyond the State,

Franca‐Filho MT; Lixinski L; Olmos Giupponi B, Protection of Fundamental Rights in Latin American FTAs and MERCOSUR: An Exploratory Agenda,

Lixinski L, Scholarship on the Teaching of International Law – An Overview of the State of the Art,

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