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Hayward KS; Dalton EJ; Campbell BCV; Khatri P; Dukelow SP; Johns H; Walter S; Yogendrakumar V; Pandian J; Sacco S; Bernhardt J; Parsons M; Saver JL; Churilov L, 2024, Adaptive trials in stroke: Current use & future directions, ,

Wu Y; Zhu T; Yang J; Abuduaini M; Liu F; Zhang Y; Parsons MW; Li G; Lin L, 2023, Tirofiban in Acute Ischemic Stroke Patients Undergoing Endovascular Thrombectomy with Preceding intravenous Thrombolysis, ,

chang Y; Sui Y; Lin L; Parsons M, 2023, Comparing Predictive Value of CT Perfusion and ASPECTS for Prognosis in Large core Patients Receiving Endovascular Therapy:Focusing on CTP-based Model Development, ,

Rowling H; Italiano D; Churilov L; Palanikumar L; Harvey J; Kleinig T; Parsons M; Mitchell P; Davis S; Kruyt N; Campbell B; Zhao H, 2023, Large vessel occlusions of milder severity show better collaterals and reduced harm from thrombectomy transfer delays, ,

Dos Santos A; Visser M; Lin L; Bivard A; Churilov L; Parsons M, 2023, Novel Hypodensity Detection Tool improves clinician identification of hypodensity on non-contrast CT in stroke patients, ,

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