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Stiglitz JE; Guest R; Walsh CE, 2014, Introductory Macroeconomics

Journal articles

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Conference Papers

Manuguerra M; Sofronov G; Tani M; Heller G, 2013, 'Monte Carlo methods in spatio-temporal regression modeling of migration in the EU', in PROCEEDINGS OF THE 2013 IEEE CONFERENCE ON COMPUTATIONAL INTELLIGENCE FOR FINANCIAL ENGINEERING & ECONOMICS (CIFER), IEEE, Singapore, SINGAPORE, pp. 128 - 134, presented at IEEE Conference on Computational Intelligence for Financial Engineering and Economics (CIFEr), Singapore, SINGAPORE, 16 - 19 April 2013,

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Tani M; Sinning M, 2016, Labor migration,

Tani M, 2013, Is the point system an effective policy instrument? Yes or no,

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