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Hand S; Archer M; Armstrong K; Guarino-Vignon P; Hung T-T; Lopez-Aguirre C; Wilson L, 2019, 'Peculiar Cranial Morphology in Nasal-Emitting Bats (Chiroptera: Rhinonycteridae) from Miocene Forests in Northern Australia', in Journal of Morphology, Wiley, Vol. 280, pp. S38 - S38, presented at International Congress of Vertebrate Morphology

Janis C; Damuth J; Travouillon K; Hand S; Archer M, 2018, 'Global mammalian response to mid-Miocene peak in atmospheric carbon dioxide', in Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, Taylor & Francis, presented at Society of Vertebrate Paleontology Conference

Black KH; Travouillon K; Myers TJ; Archer M; Hand SJ; Wilson LAB; Bevitt J, 2016, 'Functional and morphometric analysis of a middle Miocene bandicoot (Marsupialia, Peramelemorphia) skeleton from the Riversleigh World Heritage Area, Australia', in PeerJ Preprints, PeerJ, UNSW, Sydney, presented at Riversleigh Symposium 2016, UNSW, Sydney

Hand SJ; Lopez Aguirre C; Archer M; Armstrong K; Black KH; Wroe S; Wilson LAB, 2015, 'Ancestral reconstruction of skull form in Old World leaf-nosed bats (Hipposideridae and Rhinonycteridae) using geometric morphometrics', in Journal of Veretbrate Paleontology, Program and Abstracts, 2015, Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, Dallas, TX, USA, pp. 138 - 138, presented at Society of Vertebrate Paleontology Annual Conference, Dallas, TX, USA, 14 October 2015 - 17 October 2015

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