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Cowling MG; Ganji M; Ottazzi A; Schmalz G, 2022, CR embeddings of nilpotent Lie groups,

Cowling MG; Fan Z; Li J; Yan L, 2022, Characterizations of product Hardy spaces on stratified groups by singular integrals and maximal functions,

Cowling MG; Ganji M; Ottazzi A; Schmalz G, 2022, CR embeddings of CR manifolds,

Cowling MG, 2022, Decay estimates for matrix coefficients of unitary representations of semisimple Lie groups,

Chen P; Cowling MG; Lee M-Y; Li J; Ottazzi A, 2021, Flag Hardy space theory on Heisenberg groups and applications,

Bennett J; Bez N; Buschenhenke S; Cowling MG; Flock TC, 2018, On the nonlinear Brascamp-Lieb inequality,

Cowling MG; Martini A; Müller D; Parcet J, 2018, The Hausdorff-Young inequality on Lie groups,

Cowling MG; Li J; Ottazzi A; Wu Q, 2018, Conformal and CR mappings on Carnot groups,

Astengo F; Cowling MG; Di Blasio B, 2017, Uniformly bounded representations and completely bounded multipliers of SL(2,R),

Astengo F; Cowling M; Di Blasio B, 2017, Uniformly bounded representations of SL2R,

Cowling MG; Kivioja V; Donne EL; Golo SN; Ottazzi A, 2017, From homogeneous metric spaces to Lie groups,

Ciatti P; Cowling MG, 2017, The Levi Decomposition of a Graded Lie Algebra,

Ciatti P; Cowling M, 2016, On derivations of subalgebras of real semisimple Lie algebras,

Bennett J; Bez N; Cowling MG; Flock TC, 2016, Behaviour of the Brascamp--Lieb constant,

Casarino V; Cowling MG; Martini A; Sikora A, 2015, Spectral multipliers for the Kohn Laplacian on forms on the sphere in $\mathbb{C}^n$,

Cowling MG; Ottazzi A, 2014, Global contact and quasiconformal mappings of Carnot groups,

Cowling MG; Ottazzi A, 2013, Conformal maps of Carnot groups,

Ciatti P; Cowling MG; Ricci F, 2013, Hardy and uncertainty inequalities on stratified Lie groups,

Cowling MG; Demange B; Sundari M, 2008, Vector- valued distributions and Hardy's uncertainty principle for operators,

Cowling M; Dorofaeff B; Seeger A; Wright J, 2002, A family of singular oscillatory integral operators and failure of weak amenability,

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