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Working Papers

Chen P; Cowling MG; Lee M-Y; Li J; Ottazzi A, 2021, Flag Hardy space theory on Heisenberg groups and applications,,

Ahrens J; Cowling MG; Martini A; Müller D, 2020, Quaternionic spherical harmonics and a sharp multiplier theorem on quaternionic spheres, http://dx.doi.org10.1007/s00209-019-02313-w,

Bruno T; Cowling MG; Nicola F; Tabacco A, 2019, Estimates for matrix coefficients of representations,,

Cowling MG; Li J; Ottazzi A; Wu Q, 2018, Conformal and CR mappings on Carnot groups,,

Cowling MG; Kivioja V; Donne EL; Golo SN; Ottazzi A, 2017, From homogeneous metric spaces to Lie groups, http://dx.doi.org

Andersen NB; Cowling MG, 2013, Rigidity of causal maps,,

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