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Kronen M; Vázquez-Campos X; Wilkins M; Lee M; Manefield M, 2022, Evidence for a putative isoprene reductase inAcetobacterium wieringae, ,

Lee M; Liang G; Holland S; O’Farrell C; Osbourne K; Manefield M, 2021, Dehalobium species implicated in 2,3,7,8-tetrachloro-p-dioxin dechlorination in the contaminated sediments of Sydney Harbour Estuary, ,

Holland SI; Ertan H; Manefield MJ; Lee M, 2020, A novel, dichloromethane-fermenting bacterium in the Peptococcaceae family, ‘Candidatus Formamonas warabiya’, gen. nov. sp. nov., ,

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