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Cobos P; Vadillo M; Luque D; Le Pelley M, 2018, Learned predictiveness acquired through experience prevails over the influence of conflicting verbal instructions in rapid selective attention,

Morris R; Dezfouli A; Griffiths K; Le Pelley M; Balleine B, 2017, The algorithmic neuroanatomy of action-outcome learning,

Le JT; Watson P; Le Pelley M, ‘Habit-like’ attentional prioritisation of reward-related stimuli,

Walker AR; Luque D; Le Pelley M; Beesley T, A conceptual replication of Beesley et al. (2015),

Griffiths O; Jack BN; Pearson D; Elijah R; Mifsud N; Han N; Libesman S; Barreiros AR; Turnbull L; Balzan R; Le Pelley ME; Harris A; Whitford TJ, Disrupted Auditory N1 Suppression and Fronto-Temporal Theta Coherence Suppression to Willed Speech in People with Schizophrenia,

Luque D; Molinero S; Watson P; López FJ; Le Pelley M, Measuring habit formation through goal-directed response switching,

Lee JC; Le Pelley M; Lovibond P, Nonreactive testing: Evaluating the effect of withholding feedback in predictive learning,

Le JT; Watson P; Begg D; Albertella L; Le Pelley M, Physiological and subjective validation of a novel stress procedure: The Simple Singing Stress Procedure,

Mine C; Most S; Le Pelley M, Reward Does Not Modulate the Preview Benefit in Visual Search,

Le Pelley M; Ung R; Mine C; Most S; Watson P; Theeuwes J, Reward learning and statistical learning independently influence attentional priority of salient distractors in visual search,

Cheng P; Rich AN; Le Pelley M, Reward rapidly enhances visual perception,

Rusz D; Le Pelley M; Kompier MAJ; Mait L; Bijleveld E, Reward-driven distraction: A meta-analysis,

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