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Lansink LIM; Engel JA; Lee HJ; Soon MSF; Williams CG; Aogo RA; Cromer D; Davenport MP; Khoury DS; Haque A, 2021, 'Exposure to host inflammation in vivo induces rapid transcriptomic change and impaired maturation in malaria parasites', in JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY, AMER ASSOC IMMUNOLOGISTS, Vol. 206,

Tabilas C; Reynaldi A; Daly CWP; Mon KY; Wesnak S; Smith NL; Davenport MP; Grimson AW; Rudd BD, 2021, 'Microbial exposure in early life alters the ontogeny and function of CD8+T cells', in JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY, AMER ASSOC IMMUNOLOGISTS, Vol. 206,

Okoye AA; Duell DM; Marenco A; Lidell M; Behrens H; Selseth A; Varco-Merth B; Hesselgesser J; Geleziunas R; Smedley J; Park H; Axthelm MK; Davenport M; Hansen SG; Deeks SG; Keele B; Lifson JD; Picker LJ, 2020, 'CD8+T cells provide limited control of SIV reactivation after combination antiretroviral therapy (cART) cessation', in JOURNAL OF MEDICAL PRIMATOLOGY, WILEY, Vol. 49, pp. 238 - 239,

Pino M; King C; Shim I; Wang H; Nguyen K; Samer S; Harper J; Lifson J; Reynaldi A; Deleage C; Padhan K; Cervasi B; Davenport MP; Petrovas C; Lederman MM; Paiardini M, 2019, 'Fingolimod treatment at ART initiation delays SIV rebound after ART interruption', in JOURNAL OF THE INTERNATIONAL AIDS SOCIETY, JOHN WILEY & SONS LTD, Vol. 22, pp. 43 - 43,

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