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Rocha C; Edwards CA; Roughan M; Cetina-Heredia P; Kerry C, A High-resolution Biogeochemical Model (ROMS 3.4 + bio_Fennel) of the East Australian Current System,

Kerry C; Powell B; Roughan M; Oke P, Development and evaluation of a high-resolution reanalysis of the East Australian Current region using the Regional Ocean Modelling System (ROMS 3.4) and Incremental Strong-Constraint 4-Dimensional Variational data assimilation (IS4D-Var),

Waite AM; Rossi V; Roughan M; Tilbrook B; Akl J; Thompson PA; Feng M; Wyatt ASJ; Raes EJ, Formation and maintenance of high-nitrate, low pH layers in the Eastern Indian Ocean and the role of nitrogen fixation,

Azevedo Correia de Souza JM; Suanda SH; Couto PP; Smith RO; Kerry C; Roughan M, Moana Ocean Hindcast – a 25+ years simulation for New Zealand Waters using the ROMS v3.9 model,

Gwyther DE; Kerry C; Roughan M; Keating SR, Observing system simulation experiments reveal that subsurface temperature observations improve estimates of circulation and heat content in a dynamic western boundary current,

Oke PR; Proctor R; Rosebrock U; Brinkman R; Cahill ML; Coghlan I; Divakaran P; Freeman J; Pattiaratchi C; Roughan M; Sandery PA; Schaeffer A; Wijeratne S, The Marine Virtual Laboratory: enabling efficient ocean model configuration,

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