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Alderson H; Lingam R, 2022, 'Just a Bottle in the Park: Alcohol Use in Vulnerable Children', in Understanding Safeguarding for Children and Their Educational Experiences, Emerald Publishing Limited, pp. 119 - 127,

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Amarasena L; Samir N; Sealy L; Hu N; Rostami MR; Isaacs D; Gunasekera H; Young H; Agrawal R; Levitt D; Francis JR; Coleman J; Mares S; Larcombe P; Cherian S; Raman S; Lingam R; Zwi K, 2022, 'Offshore detention: cross-sectional analysis of the health of children and young people seeking asylum in Australia', ARCHIVES OF DISEASE IN CHILDHOOD,

Batura N; Kasteng F; Condoane J; Bagorogosa B; Castel-Branco AC; Kertho E; Källander K; Soremekun S; Lingam R; Vassall A; Tibenderana J; Meek S; Hill Z; Strachan D; Ayebale G; Nakirunda M; Counihan H; Ndima S; Muiambo A; Salomao N; Kirkwood B, 2022, 'Costs of treating childhood malaria, diarrhoea and pneumonia in rural Mozambique and Uganda', Malaria Journal, vol. 21,

Akera P; Kennedy SE; Lingam R; Obwolo MJ; Schutte AE; Richmond R, 2022, 'Effectiveness of primary school-based interventions in improving oral health of children in low- and middle-income countries: a systematic review and meta-analysis', BMC Oral Health, vol. 22,

Homaira N; Hu N; Owens L; Chan M; Gray M; Britton PN; Selvadurai H; Lingam R; Jaffe A, 2022, 'Impact of lockdowns on paediatric asthma hospital presentations over three waves of COVID-19 pandemic', Allergy, Asthma and Clinical Immunology, vol. 18,

Akera P; Kennedy SE; Obwolo MJ; Schutte AE; Lingam R; Richmond R, 2022, 'Primary school teachers’ contributions to oral health promotion in urban and rural areas of the Gulu District, Northern Uganda: a qualitative study', BMC Oral Health, vol. 22, pp. 211,

Eapen V; Winata T; Gilbert M; Nair R; Khan F; Lucien A; Islam R; Masi A; Lam-Cassettari C; Mendoza Diaz A; Dissanayake C; Karlov L; Descallar J; Eastwood J; Hasan I; Jalaludin B; Kohlhoff J; Liaw ST; Lingam R; Ong N; Tam CWM; Woolfenden S; Barbaro J, 2022, 'Parental experience of an early developmental surveillance programme for autism within Australian general practice: A qualitative study', BMJ Open, vol. 12, pp. 1 - 12,

Southcombe F; Lin F; Krstic S; Sim KA; Dennis S; Lingam R; Denney-Wilson E, 2022, 'Targeted dietary approaches for the management of obesity and severe obesity in children and adolescents: A systematic review and meta-analysis', CLINICAL OBESITY,

Bailey E; Nightingale S; Thomas N; Coleby D; Deave T; Goodenough T; Ginja S; Lingam R; Kendall S; Day C; Coad J, 2022, 'First-time Mothers’ Understanding and Use of a Pregnancy and Parenting Mobile App (The Baby Buddy App): Qualitative Study Using Appreciative Inquiry', JMIR mHealth and uHealth, vol. 10, pp. e32757,

Hodgins M; van Leeuwen D; Braithwaite J; Hanefeld J; Wolfe I; Lau C; Dickins E; McSweeney J; McCaskill M; Lingam R, 2022, 'The COVID-19 System Shock Framework: Capturing Health System Innovation During the COVID-19 Pandemic', International Journal of Health Policy and Management, vol. 11, pp. 2155 - 2165,

Hodgins M; Zurynski Y; Burley J; Pelly R; Hibbert PD; Woolfenden S; Le J; Germano S; Khano S; Morris TM; Wheeler K; Hiscock H; Lingam R, 2022, 'Protocol for the implementation evaluation of an integrated paediatric and primary care model: Strengthening Care for Children (SC4C)', BMJ Open, vol. 12, pp. e063450,

Khano S; Sanci L; Woolfenden S; Zurynski Y; Dalziel K; Liaw ST; Boyle D; Freed GL; Moore C; Hodgins M; Le J; Morris TM; Germano S; Wheeler K; Lingam R; Hiscock H, 2022, 'Strengthening Care for Children (SC4C): protocol for a stepped wedge cluster randomised controlled trial of an integrated general practitioner-paediatrician model of primary care', BMJ Open, vol. 12, pp. e063449,

Woolfenden S; Farrar MA; Eapen V; Masi A; Wakefield CE; Badawi N; Novak I; Nassar N; Lingam R; Dale RC, 2022, 'Delivering paediatric precision medicine: Genomic and environmental considerations along the causal pathway of childhood neurodevelopmental disorders', Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology, vol. 64, pp. 1077 - 1084,

McLoone J; Wakefield CE; Marshall GM; Pierce K; Jaffe A; Bye A; Kennedy SE; Drew D; Lingam R, 2022, 'It's made a really hard situation even more difficult: The impact of COVID-19 on families of children with chronic illness', PLoS ONE, vol. 17, pp. e0273622,

Hodgins M; Ostojic K; Hu N; Lawson KD; Samir N; Webster A; Rogers H; Henry A; Murphy E; Lingam R; Raman S; Mendoza Diaz A; Dadich A; Eapen V; Rimes T; Woolfenden S, 2022, 'Study protocol for a real-world evaluation of an integrated child and family health hub for migrant and refugee women', BMJ Open, vol. 12, pp. e061002,

Eapen V; Liaw ST; Lingam R; Woolfenden S; Jalaludin B; Page A; Kohlhoff J; Scott JG; Lawson KD; Lam-Cassettari C; Heussler H; Descallar J; Karlov L; Ong N; Colditz PB; Littlewood R; Murphy E; Deering A; Short K; Garg P; Blight V; Rodgers K; Chalmers L; Webb KL; Atkins H; Newcomb D; Beswick R; Thomas C; Marron C; Chambers A; Scheinpflug S; Statham M; Samaranayake D; Chay P; Tam CWM; Khan F; Diaz AM; Cibralic S; Winata T; Pritchard M, 2022, 'Watch me grow integrated (WMG-I): protocol for a cluster randomised controlled trial of a web-based surveillance approach for developmental screening in primary care settings', BMJ Open, vol. 12, pp. e065823,

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Hu N; Nassar N; Shrapnel J; Perkes I; Hodgins M; O'Leary F; Trudgett C; Eapen V; Woolfenden S; Knight K; Lingam R, 2022, 'The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on paediatric health service use within one year after the first pandemic outbreak in New South Wales Australia – a time series analysis', The Lancet Regional Health - Western Pacific, vol. 19, pp. 100311,

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