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Yang Z; Jones C; Billot L; Shan S; Devaux A; Day R; Hamilton M; Koes B; Latimer J; Maher C; McLachlan A; McLachlan H; Webb M; Lin C, 2023, Complier average causal effect (CACE) of oxycodone/naloxone for acute spinal pain: a reanalysis the OPAL trial data ------A Protocol, ,

Westbrook J; Li L; Raban M; Mumford V; Badgery-Parker T; Gates P; Fitzpatrick E; Merchant A; Woods A; Baysari M; McCullagh C; Day R; Gazarian M; Dickinson M; Seaman K; Dalla-Pozza L; Ambler G; Barclay P; Gardo A; O'Brien T; Barbaric D; White L, 2022, Immediate and long-term effects of an electronic medication management system on paediatric prescribing errors: A stepped-wedge cluster randomised controlled trial with one-year follow-up, ,

Nguyen AD; Lind KE; Day RO; Ross D; Raban MZ; Georgiou A; Westbrook JI, 2022, Measuring quality of gout management in residential aged care facilities, ,

Ferdiana A; Liverani M; Khan M; Wulandari LPL; Mashuri YA; Batura N; Wibawa T; Yeung S; Day R; Jan S; Wiseman V; Probandari A, 2021, Community Pharmacies, Drug Stores, and Antibiotic Dispensing in Indonesia: A Qualitative Study, ,

Sandaradura I; Marriott D; Day R; Norris R; Pang E; Stocker S; Lange SR, 2020, Current fluconazole dosing regimens in critically ill adults result in under-exposure during early therapy, ,

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