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Wan Y; Chua SMH; Yao Y; Adler L; Navarro M; Roura E; Tilley RD; Li C; Nilsson L; Gilbert RG; Sullivan MA, 2023, 'Comparing different techniques for obtaining molecular size distributions of glycogen', European Polymer Journal, 201,

Nguyen AK; Molley TG; Kardia E; Ganda S; Chakraborty S; Wong SL; Ruan J; Yee BE; Mata J; Vijayan A; Kumar N; Tilley RD; Waters SA; Kilian KA, 2023, 'Hierarchical assembly of tryptophan zipper peptides into stress-relaxing bioactive hydrogels', Nature Communications, 14,

Kim Duong HT; Abdibastami A; Gloag L; Bongers A; Shanehsazzadeh S; Nelson M; Cousins A; Bayat N; McCalmont H; Lock RB; Sulway S; Biazick J; Justin Gooding J; Tilley RD, 2023, 'Small zinc doped iron oxide tracers for magnetic particle imaging', Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 587,

Du EY; Jung M; Skhinas J; Tolentino MAK; Noy J; Jamshidi N; Houng JL; Tjandra KC; Engel M; Utama R; Tilley RD; Kavallaris M; Gooding JJ, 2023, '3D Bioprintable Hydrogel with Tunable Stiffness for Exploring Cells Encapsulated in Matrices of Differing Stiffnesses.', ACS Appl Bio Mater, 6, pp. 4603 - 4612,

Subhash B; Unocic RR; Lie WH; Gallington LC; Wright J; Cheong S; Tilley RD; Bedford NM, 2023, 'Resolving Atomic-Scale Structure and Chemical Coordination in High-Entropy Alloy Electrocatalysts for Structure-Function Relationship Elucidation.', ACS Nano,

Arman S; Gonçales VR; Yang Y; Tilley RD; Gaus K; Gooding JJ, 2023, 'Toward development of dual optical and electrical cell-based biosensor: An investigation on electrode geometry and transparent conductive material function', Electroanalysis, 35,

Mariandry K; Kokate R; Somerville SV; Gloag L; Cheong S; Carroll LR; Kumar PV; Gooding JJ; Tilley RD, 2023, 'Controlling Platinum Active Sites on Silver Nanoparticles for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction', Chemistry of Materials, 35, pp. 8636 - 8644,

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Yang Y; Fan S; Webb JA; Ma Y; Goyette J; Chen X; Gaus K; Tilley RD; Gooding JJ, 2023, 'Electrochemical fluorescence switching of enhanced green fluorescent protein', Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 237,

Ulanova M; Gloag L; Bongers A; Kim CK; Duong HTK; Kim HN; Gooding JJ; Tilley RD; Biazik J; Wen W; Sachdev PS; Braidy N, 2023, 'Evaluation of Dimercaptosuccinic Acid-Coated Iron Nanoparticles Immunotargeted to Amyloid Beta as MRI Contrast Agents for the Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease', Cells, 12,

Bennett D; Chen X; Walker GJ; Mehdipour M; Stelzer-Braid S; Rawlinson WD; Hibbert DB; Tilley RD; Gooding JJ, 2023, 'Erratum: Machine Learning Color Feature Analysis of a High Throughput Nanoparticle Conjugate Sensing Assay (Analytical Chemistry (2023) 95:6 (550-6558) DOI: 10.1021/acs.analchem.2c05292)', Analytical Chemistry, 95, pp. 8393,

Bennett D; Chen X; Walker GJ; Stelzer-Braid S; Rawlinson WD; Hibbert DB; Tilley RD; Gooding JJ, 2023, 'Machine Learning Color Feature Analysis of a High Throughput Nanoparticle Conjugate Sensing Assay', Analytical Chemistry, 95, pp. 6550 - 6558,

Zubair M; Kumar P; Klingenhof M; Subhash B; Yuwono JA; Cheong S; Yao Y; Thomsen L; Strasser P; Tilley RD; Bedford NM, 2023, 'Vacancy Promotion in Layered Double Hydroxide Electrocatalysts for Improved Oxygen Evolution Reaction Performance', ACS Catalysis, 13, pp. 4799 - 4810,

Liu H; Liang J; Watt J; Tilley RD; Amal R; Wang DW, 2023, 'Wafer-scale quasi-layered tungstate-doped polypyrrole film with high volumetric capacitance', Nano Research, 16, pp. 4895 - 4900,

Gloag L; Poerwoprajitno AR; Cheong S; Ramadhan ZR; Adschiri T; Justin Gooding J; Tilley RD, 2023, 'Synthesis of hierarchical metal nanostructures with high electrocatalytic surface areas', Science Advances, 9,

Somerville SV; O’Mara PB; Benedetti TM; Cheong S; Schuhmann W; Tilley RD; Gooding JJ, 2023, 'Nanoconfinement Allows a Less Active Cascade Catalyst to Produce More C2+ Products in Electrochemical CO2 Reduction', Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 127, pp. 289 - 299,

Nguyen DHT; Utama RH; Tjandra KC; Suwannakot P; Du EY; Kavallaris M; Tilley RD; Gooding JJ, 2023, 'Tuning the Mechanical Properties of Multiarm RAFT-Based Block Copolyelectrolyte Hydrogels via Ionic Cross-Linking for 3D Cell Cultures', Biomacromolecules, 24, pp. 57 - 68,

Somerville SV; Li Q; Wordsworth J; Jamali S; Eskandarian MR; Tilley RD; Gooding JJ, 2023, 'Approaches to Improving the Selectivity of Nanozymes', Advanced Materials,

Hoque S; Gonçales VR; Bakthavathsalam P; Tilley RD; Gooding JJ, 2022, 'A calibration-free approach to detecting microRNA with DNA-modified gold coated magnetic nanoparticles as dispersible electrodes', Analytical Methods, 14, pp. 4861 - 4866,

Fang R; Han Z; Li J; Yu Z; Pan J; Cheong S; Tilley RD; Trujillo F; Wang DW, 2022, 'Rationalized design of hyperbranched trans-scale graphene arrays for enduring high-energy lithium metal batteries', Science Advances, 8,

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Mehdipour M; Gloag L; Hagness D; Lian J; Alam MS; Chen X; Tilley RD; Gooding JJ, 2022, 'Flow-Based Synthesis of Gold-Coated Magnetic Nanoparticles for Magnetoplasmonic Sensing Applications', Particle and Particle Systems Characterization, 39,

Poerwoprajitno AR; Gloag L; Watt J; Cheong S; Miller BK; Huber DL; Tilley RD, 2022, 'In-Situ ETEM Reveals Formation Mechanism of Single Pt Atom on Ru Nanoparticle Electrocatalysts for CO-Resilient Methanol Oxidation', Microscopy and Microanalysis, 28, pp. 130 - 131,

Wordsworth J; Benedetti TM; Somerville SV; Schuhmann W; Tilley RD; Gooding JJ, 2022, 'Der Einfluss von Nanoconfinement auf die Elektrokatalyse', Angewandte Chemie, 134,

Wordsworth J; Benedetti TM; Somerville SV; Schuhmann W; Tilley RD; Gooding JJ, 2022, 'The Influence of Nanoconfinement on Electrocatalysis', Angewandte Chemie - International Edition, 61,

Ramadhan ZR; Poerwoprajitno AR; Cheong S; Webster RF; Kumar PV; Cychy S; Gloag L; Benedetti TM; Marjo CE; Muhler M; Wang DW; Gooding JJ; Schuhmann W; Tilley RD, 2022, 'Introducing Stacking Faults into Three-Dimensional Branched Nickel Nanoparticles for Improved Catalytic Activity', Journal of the American Chemical Society, 144, pp. 11094 - 11098,

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Poerwoprajitno AR; Cheong S; Gloag L; Gooding JJ; Tilley RD, 2022, 'Synthetic Strategies to Enhance the Electrocatalytic Properties of Branched Metal Nanoparticles', Accounts of Chemical Research, 55, pp. 1693 - 1702,

Chen D; Wu Y; Tilley RD; Gooding JJ, 2022, 'Rapid and ultrasensitive electrochemical detection of DNA methylation for ovarian cancer diagnosis', Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 206,

Sarwat S; Stapleton FJ; Willcox MDP; O’mara PB; Tilley RD; Gooding JJ; Roy M, 2022, 'Feasibility of Silicon Quantum Dots as a Biomarker for the Bioimaging of Tear Film', Nanomaterials, 12,

Lian J; Tang W; Yang Y; Vaidyanathan R; Gonçales VR; Arman SY; Tilley RD; Gooding JJ, 2022, 'A Transparent Semiconducting Surface for Capturing and Releasing Single Cells from a Complex Cell Mixture', ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 14, pp. 18079 - 18086,

Søndergaard-Pedersen F; Lakhotiya H; Bøjesen ED; Bondesgaard M; Myekhlai M; Benedetti TM; Gooding JJ; Tilley RD; Iversen BB, 2022, 'Highly efficient and stable Ru nanoparticle electrocatalyst for the hydrogen evolution reaction in alkaline conditions', Catalysis Science and Technology, 12, pp. 3606 - 3613,

Poerwoprajitno AR; Gloag L; Watt J; Cheong S; Tan X; Lei H; Tahini HA; Henson A; Subhash B; Bedford NM; Miller BK; O’Mara PB; Benedetti TM; Huber DL; Zhang W; Smith SC; Gooding JJ; Schuhmann W; Tilley RD, 2022, 'A single-Pt-atom-on-Ru-nanoparticle electrocatalyst for CO-resilient methanol oxidation', Nature Catalysis, 5, pp. 231 - 237,

Fried JP; Wu Y; Tilley RD; Gooding JJ, 2022, 'Optical Nanopore Sensors for Quantitative Analysis', Nano Letters, 22, pp. 869 - 880,

Longatte G; Lisi F; Bakthavathsalam P; Böcking T; Gaus K; Tilley RD; Gooding JJ, 2022, 'Biomolecular Binding under Confinement: Statistical Predictions of Steric Influence in Absence of Long-Distance Interactions', ChemPhysChem, 23,

Tetteh EB; Löffler T; Tarnev T; Quast T; Wilde P; Aiyappa HB; Schumacher S; Andronescu C; Tilley RD; Chen X; Schuhmann W, 2022, 'Calibrating SECCM measurements by means of a nanoelectrode ruler. The intrinsic oxygen reduction activity of PtNi catalyst nanoparticles', Nano Research, 15, pp. 1564 - 1569,

Hu L; Li Q; Yao Y; Zeng Q; Zhou Z; Cazorla C; Wan T; Guan X; Huang JK; Lin CH; Li M; Cheong S; Tilley RD; Chu D; Yuan J; Huang S; Wu T; Liu F, 2022, 'Perovskite Quantum Dot Solar Cells Fabricated from Recycled Lead-Acid Battery Waste', ACS Materials Letters, 4, pp. 120 - 127,

Cong VT; Houng JL; Kavallaris M; Chen X; Tilley RD; Gooding JJ, 2022, 'How can we use the endocytosis pathways to design nanoparticle drug-delivery vehicles to target cancer cells over healthy cells?', Chemical Society Reviews,

Tsounis C; Subhash B; Kumar PV; Bedford NM; Zhao Y; Shenoy J; Ma Z; Zhang D; Toe CY; Cheong S; Tilley RD; Lu X; Dai L; Han Z; Amal R, 2022, 'Pt Single Atom Electrocatalysts at Graphene Edges for Efficient Alkaline Hydrogen Evolution', Advanced Functional Materials,

Hu L; Duan L; Yao Y; Chen W; Zhou Z; Cazorla C; Lin CH; Guan X; Geng X; Wang F; Wan T; Wu S; Cheong S; Tilley RD; Liu S; Yuan J; Chu D; Wu T; Huang S, 2022, 'Quantum Dot Passivation of Halide Perovskite Films with Reduced Defects, Suppressed Phase Segregation, and Enhanced Stability', Advanced Science, 9,

Li J; Huang J; Ma F; Sun H; Cong J; Privat K; Webster RF; Cheong S; Yao Y; Chin RL; Yuan X; He M; Sun K; Li H; Mai Y; Hameiri Z; Ekins-Daukes NJ; Tilley RD; Unold T; Green MA; Hao X, 2022, 'Unveiling microscopic carrier loss mechanisms in 12% efficient Cu2ZnSnSe4 solar cells', Nature Energy,

Mo J; Chen X; Li M; Liu W; Zhao W; Lim LY; Tilley RD; Gooding JJ; Li Q, 2022, 'Upconversion Nanoparticle-Based Cell Membrane-Coated cRGD Peptide Bioorthogonally Labeled Nanoplatform for Glioblastoma Treatment', ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces,

Mehdipour M; Gloag L; Lian J; Tilley RD; Gooding JJ, 2021, 'Zero-valent iron core-iron oxide shell nanoparticles coated with silica and gold with high saturation magnetization', Chemical Communications, 57, pp. 13142 - 13145,

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Tang W; Wu Y; Mehdipour M; Chen HS; Tilley RD; Gooding JJ, 2021, 'Key Parameters That Determine the Magnitude of the Decrease in Current in Nanopore Blockade Sensors', Nano Letters, 21, pp. 9374 - 9380,

Wu Y; Jamali S; Tilley RD; Gooding JJ, 2021, 'Spiers Memorial Lecture. Next generation nanoelectrochemistry: the fundamental advances needed for applications', Faraday Discussions, 233, pp. 10 - 32,

Pardehkhorram R; Alshawawreh FA; Gonçales VR; Lee NA; Tilley RD; Gooding JJ, 2021, 'Functionalized Gold Nanorod Probes: A Sophisticated Design of SERS Immunoassay for Biodetection in Complex Media', Analytical Chemistry, 93, pp. 12954 - 12965,

Cong VT; Wang W; Tilley RD; Sharbeen G; Phillips PA; Gaus K; Gooding JJ, 2021, 'Can the Shape of Nanoparticles Enable the Targeting to Cancer Cells over Healthy Cells?', Advanced Functional Materials, 31,

Deng C; Wu KH; Lu X; Cheong S; Tilley RD; Chiang CL; Lin YC; Lin YG; Yan W; Scott J; Amal R; Wang DW, 2021, 'Ligand-Promoted Cooperative Electrochemical Oxidation of Bio-Alcohol on Distorted Cobalt Hydroxides for Bio-Hydrogen Extraction', ChemSusChem, 14, pp. 2612 - 2620,

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