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Narayana S; Radwan I; Subramanian R; Goecke R, 2024, Mood as a Contextual Cue for Improved Emotion Inference, ,

Parameshwara R; Radwan I; Asthana A; Abbasnejad I; Subramanian R; Goecke R, 2023, Efficient Labelling of Affective Video Datasets via Few-Shot & Multi-Task Contrastive Learning, ,

Gahalawat M; Rojas RF; Guha T; Subramanian R; Goecke R, 2023, Explainable Depression Detection via Head Motion Patterns, ,

Narayana S; Radwan I; Parameshwara R; Abbasnejad I; Asthana A; Subramanian R; Goecke R, 2023, A Weakly Supervised Approach to Emotion-change Prediction and Improved Mood Inference, ,

Narayana S; Subramanian R; Radwan I; Goecke R, 2023, Focus on Change: Mood Prediction by Learning Emotion Changes via Spatio-Temporal Attention, ,

Madan S; Gahalawat M; Guha T; Goecke R; Subramanian R, 2023, Explainable Human-centered Traits from Head Motion and Facial Expression Dynamics, ,

Narayana S; Subramanian R; Radwan I; Goecke R, 2022, To Improve Is to Change: Towards Improving Mood Prediction by Learning Changes in Emotion, ,

Narayana S; Jain S; Katti H; Goecke R; Subramanian R, 2022, Affective Computational Advertising Based on Perceptual Metrics, ,

Parameshwara R; Narayana S; Murugappan M; Subramanian R; Radwan I; Goecke R, 2022, Automated Parkinson's Disease Detection and Affective Analysis from Emotional EEG Signals, ,

Mustafa A; Khan S; Hayat M; Goecke R; Shen J; Shao L, 2019, Adversarial Defense by Restricting the Hidden Space of Deep Neural Networks, ,

Huang X; Dhall A; Goecke R; Pietikainen M; Zhao G, 2018, A Global Alignment Kernel based Approach for Group-level Happiness Intensity Estimation, ,

Dhall A; Kaur A; Goecke R; Gedeon T, 2018, EmotiW 2018: Audio-Video, Student Engagement and Group-Level Affect Prediction, ,

Huang X; Dhall A; Liu X; Zhao G; Shi J; Goecke R; Pietikainen M, 2016, Analyzing the Affect of a Group of People Using Multi-modal Framework, ,

Murthy OVR; Goecke R, 2015, Harnessing the Deep Net Object Models for Enhancing Human Action Recognition, ,

Radwan I; Dhall A; Goecke R, 2015, Occlusion-Aware Human Pose Estimation with Mixtures of Sub-Trees, ,

Hassanin M; radwan I; Tahtali M; Goecke R, Resanet: Residual Aggregation Networks for Dense Prediction, ,

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