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Cheney L; Payne M; Kaur S; Lan R, 2023, SaLTy: a novelStaphylococcus aureusLineage Typer,

Suyama H; Luu LDW; Zhong L; Raftery MJ; Lan R, 2022, Integrating proteomic data with metabolic modelling provides insight into key pathways ofBordetella pertussisbiofilms,

Xu Z; Hu D; Wai Luu LD; Octavia S; Keil A; Sintchenko V; Tanaka M; Mooi F; Robson J; Lan R, 2022, Genomic dissection of the microevolution of Australian epidemic Bordetella pertussis,

Luo L; Payne M; Wang Q; Kaur S; Rathnayake I; Graham R; Gall M; Draper J; Martinez E; Octavia S; Tanaka M; Jennison A; Sintchenko V; Lan R, 2022, Genomic epidemiology and multilevel genome typing of Australian Salmonella enterica serovar Enteritidis,

Kaur S; Payne M; Luo L; Octavia S; Tanaka M; Sintchenko V; Lan R, 2022, MGTdb: A web service and database for studying the global and local genomic epidemiology of bacterial pathogens,

Luo L; Payne M; Kaur S; Hu D; Cheney L; Octavia S; Wang Q; Tanaka M; Sintchenko V; Lan R, 2020, Elucidation of global and local genomic epidemiology of Salmonella enterica serovar Enteritidis through multilevel genome typing,

Xu X; Zhang H; Huang Y; Zhang Y; Wang X; Wang D; Pu J; Zhao H; Lu X; Lu S; Xiong Y; Ye C; Dong Y; Lan R; Xu J, 2018, Beyond a ribosomal RNA methyltransferase, the wider role of MraW in DNA methylation, motility and colonization inEscherichia coliO157:H7,

Gong L; Tang N; Chen D; Sun K; Lan R; Zhang W; Zhou H; Yuan M; Chen X; Zhao X; Che J; Bai X; Zhang Y; Xu H; Walsh TR; Lu J; Xu J; Li J; Feng J, A Nosocomial Respiratory Infection Outbreak of Carbapenem-Non-Susceptible <i>Escherichia coli</i> ST131 with Multiple Transmissible <i>blaKPC-2</i> Carrying Plasmids,

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