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Wang W; Song Y; Jha S, 2024, USAT: A Universal Speaker-Adaptive Text-to-Speech Approach,

Purwanto R; Pal A; Blair A; Jha S, 2022, PhishSim: Aiding Phishing Website Detection with a Feature-Free Tool, ,

xue W; Ahmed N; Masood R; Hu W; Seneviratne A; Jha SK, 2022, FLAP: Federated Learning with Attack and Privacy Awareness, ,

Go JH; Sari A; Jiang J; Yang S; Jha S, 2022, Fake News Quick Detection on Dynamic Heterogeneous Information Networks, ,

Ali H; Nepal S; S. Kanhere S; Jha SK, 2021, HaS-Net: A Heal and Select Mechanism to Securely Train DNNs against Backdoor Attacks, ,

Purwanto R; Pal A; Blair A; Jha S, 2021, Man versus Machine: AutoML and Human Experts' Role in Phishing Detection, ,

Ahmed N; Michelin RA; Xue W; Putra GD; Ruj S; Kanhere SS; Jha S, 2021, DIMY: Enabling Privacy-preserving Contact Tracing, ,

Abaid Z; Sarkar D; Kaafar MA; Jha S, 2021, All Infections are Not Created Equal: Time-Sensitive Prediction of Malware Generated Network Attacks, ,

Ali H; Nepal S; Kanhere SS; Jha S, 2020, HaS-Nets: A Heal and Select Mechanism to Defend DNNs Against Backdoor Attacks for Data Collection Scenarios, ,

Karunanayake I; Ahmed N; Malaney R; Islam R; Jha S, 2020, De-anonymisation attacks on Tor: A Survey, ,

Liu J; Xu W; Jha S; Hu W, 2020, Nephalai: Towards LPWAN C-RAN with Physical Layer Compression, ,

Xu W; Zhang J; Kim JY; Huang W; Kanhere SS; Jha SK; Hu W; Misra P, 2020, A Novel Emergency Light Based Smart Building Solution: Design, Implementation and Use Cases, ,

Purwanto R; Pal A; Blair A; Jha S, 2020, PhishZip: A New Compression-based Algorithm for Detecting Phishing Websites, ,

Oham C; Michelin R; Kanhere SS; Jurdak R; Jha S, 2020, B-FERL: Blockchain based Framework for Securing Smart Vehicles, ,

Ahmed N; Michelin RA; Xue W; Ruj S; Malaney R; Kanhere SS; Seneviratne A; Hu W; Janicke H; Jha S, 2020, A Survey of COVID-19 Contact Tracing Apps, ,

Abaid Z; Shaghaghi A; Gunawardena R; Seneviratne S; Seneviratne A; Jha S, 2020, Health Access Broker: Secure, Patient-Controlled Management of Personal Health Records in the Cloud, ,

Michelin RA; Ahmed N; Kanhere SS; Seneviratne A; Jha S, 2019, Leveraging lightweight blockchain to establish data integrity for surveillance cameras, ,

Xu W; Kim JY; Huang W; Kanhere S; Jha S; Hu W, 2019, Measurement, Characterization and Modeling of LoRa Technology in Multi-floor Buildings, ,

Oham C; Jurdak R; Jha S, 2019, Risk Analysis Study of Fully Autonomous Vehicle, ,

Shaghaghi A; Kanhere SS; Kaafar MA; Jha S, 2018, Gwardar: Towards Protecting a Software-Defined Network from Malicious Network Operating Systems, ,

Shaghaghi A; Kanhere SS; Kaafar MA; Bertino E; Jha S, 2018, Gargoyle: A Network-based Insider Attack Resilient Framework for Organizations, ,

Oham C; Jurdak R; Kanhere SS; Dorri A; Jha S, 2018, B-FICA: BlockChain based Framework for Auto-insurance Claim and Adjudication, ,

Shaghaghi A; Kaafar MA; Buyya R; Jha S, 2018, Software-Defined Network (SDN) Data Plane Security: Issues, Solutions and Future Directions, ,

Oham C; Kanhere SS; Jurdak R; Jha S, 2018, A Blockchain Based Liability Attribution Framework for Autonomous Vehicles, ,

Shaghaghi A; Kaafar MA; Jha S, 2017, WedgeTail: An Intrusion Prevention System for the Data Plane of Software Defined Networks, ,

Shaghaghi A; Ali M; Kaafar ; Scott-Hayward S; Kanhere SS; Jha S, 2016, Towards Policy Enforcement Point as a Service (PEPS), ,

Li K; Yuen C; Kusy B; Jurdak R; Ignjatovic A; Kanhere SS; Jha S, 2016, Fair Scheduling for Data Collection in Mobile Sensor Networks with Energy Harvesting, ,

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