Professor Shawn Kook

My Expertise

Automobile Engines, Petrol (Gasoline) Engines, Diesel Engines (Propulsion as well as Power Generation), Gasoline Compression Igntion (GCI) Engines, Dual-Fuel Engines, Fuel Injection Systems;

Optical Engines, In-cylinder Flow Fields and Turbulence, In-cylinder Combustion Process, Optical/Laser Diagnostics, Pollutants Formation: Soot, Particle Morphology, NOx, HC, CO, CO2;

Alternative Fuels: Hydrogen, Ethanol, Biodiesel, Natural Gas, Kerosene, Gas-To-Liquid; and,

Teaching Internal Combustion Engines, ICE-Electric Hybrid (plugin or non-plugin), and Battery and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles.

Field of Research (FoR)


Professor Kook directs the UNSW Engine Research Laboratory where alternative fuels and new combustion technology are experimentally investigated for various engine applications. To find more about his research group, projects and facilities, please visit here (or click the "Engine Research Laboratory" link below).


+61 (0)2 9385 4091
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