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Kühbach M; Rielli VV; Primig S; Saxena A; Mayweg D; Jenkins B; Antonov S; Reichmann A; Kardos S; Romaner L; Brockhauser S, 2022, On Strong-Scaling and Open-Source Tools for High-Throughput Quantification of Material Point Cloud Data: Composition Gradients, Microstructural Object Reconstruction, and Spatial Correlations,

Theska F; Nomoto K; Godor F; Oberwinkler B; Stanojevic A; Ringer SP; Primig S, 2021, On the early stages of precipitation during direct ageing of Alloy 718,

Hollerweger R; Riedl H; Paulitsch J; Arndt M; Rachbauer R; Polcik P; Primig S; Mayrhofer PH, 2014, Origin of High Temperature Oxidation Resistance of Ti-Al-Ta-N Coatings,

Breen A; Theska F; Lim B; Primig S; Ringer SP, Advanced Quantification of the Site-Occupancy in Ordered Multi-Component Intermetallics Using Atom Probe Tomography,

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