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Zhuang Y; Saha M; Egan S; Han Y; Qiu Q; Chen D; Wang G, 2024, Microbial communities associated with the nursery stage of commercially cultivated seaweed Saccharina japonica in Southern China, ,

McGrath AH; Lema K; Egan S; Wood G; Gonzalez SV; Kjelleberg S; Steinberg PD; Marzinelli EM, 2023, Disentangling direct vs indirect effects of microbiome manipulations in a habitat-forming marine holobiont, ,

Dittami SM; Peters AF; West J; Cariou T; KleinJan H; Burgunter-Delamare B; Prechoux A; Egan S; Boyen C, 2019, Revisiting australian ectocarpus subulatus (phaeophyceae) from the hopkins river: distribution, abiotic environment, and associated microbiota, ,

Page C; Leggat W; Egan S; Ainsworth TD, A Coral Disease Outbreak Highlights Vulnerability of Remote High-Latitude Lagoons to Global and Local Stressors, ,

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