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Warton K; Stirzaker C; Samimi G; Clark S, 2022, 'DNA Methylation Analysis of Circulating DNA Biomarkers', in Cell-Free Circulating DNA: Purification and Analysis Techniques, WORLD SCIENTIFIC, pp. 247 - 277,

Sibbritt T; Schumann U; Shafik A; Guarnacci M; Clark SJ; Preiss T, 2022, 'Target-Specific Profiling of RNA m5C Methylation Level Using Amplicon Sequencing', in Post-Transcriptional Gene Regulation, pp. 375 - 392,

Sibbritt T; Shafik A; Clark SJ; Preiss T, 2016, 'Nucleotide-Level Profiling of m⁵C RNA Methylation.', in Post-Transcriptional Gene Regulation, pp. 269 - 284,

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Guerrero-Bosagna CM; Clark SJ, 2011, 'We are what we eat: how nutritional compounds such as isoflavones shape our epigenome', in Niculescu MD; Haggarty P (ed.), Nutrition in Epigenetics, Wiley-Blackwell, Oxford, UK, pp. 249 - 261,

Clark SJ, 2004, 'Studying mammalian DNA methylation: Bisulfite modification', in DNA Methylation: Approaches, Methods, and Applications, pp. 53 - 64,

Clark SJ; Millar DS; Molloy P, 2003, 'Bisulfite Methylation Analysis of Tumor Suppressor Genes in Prostate Cancer from Fresh and Archival Tissue Samples', in Prostate Cancer Methods and Protocols, Springer Nature, pp. 219 - 240,

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