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Mifsud N; Beesley T; Whitford T, 2016, 'Differential attenuation of auditory and visual evoked potentials for sensations generated by hand and eye movements', in PERCEPTION, SAGE PUBLICATIONS LTD, Vol. 45, pp. 264 - 264,

Pearson D; Whitford T; Le Pelley M, 2016, 'Learning to attend and ignore: The influence of reward learning on attentional capture and suppression', in PERCEPTION, SAGE PUBLICATIONS LTD, Vol. 45, pp. 356 - 356,

Oestreich L; Mifsud N; Roach B; Mathalon D; Ford J; Whitford T, 2015, 'SENSORY ATTENUATION TO SELF-GENERATED SPEECH IN HIGHLY SCHIZOTYPAL INDIVIDUALS: PSYCHOPHYSIOLOGICAL EVIDENCE FOR A 'CONTINUUM OF PSYCHOSIS'', in SCHIZOPHRENIA BULLETIN, OXFORD UNIV PRESS, Colorado Springs, CO, Vol. 41, pp. S23 - S23, presented at 15th International Congress on Schizophrenia Research (ICOSR), Colorado Springs, CO, 28 March 2015 - 01 April 2015,

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