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Harrison A; Christensen B; Whitford T, 2022, Action-effect prediction in sensory attenuation and error monitoring: Distinguishing stimulus-driven and volitional movement, ,

Harrison A; Hughes G; Rudman G; Christensen B; Whitford T, 2022, Exploring the internal forward model: Action-effect prediction and attention in sensorimotor processing, ,

Oestreich LKL; Whitford TJ; Garrido MI, 2017, The functional anatomy of self-generated and predictable speech, ,

libesman S; Whitford T; Mannion DJ, 2017, Loudness judgements are not necessarily affected by visual cues to sound source distance, ,

Griffiths O; Jack BN; Pearson D; Elijah R; Mifsud N; Han N; Libesman S; Barreiros AR; Turnbull L; Balzan R; Le Pelley ME; Harris A; Whitford TJ, Disrupted Auditory N1 Suppression and Fronto-Temporal Theta Coherence Suppression to Willed Speech in People with Schizophrenia, ,

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