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Tran T; Ho-Le T; Bliuc D; Abrahamsen B; Hansen L; Vestergaard P; Center JR; Nguyen TV, 2022, Skeletal Age for mapping the impact of fracture on mortality,

Pham DX; Phung AHT; Bui TD; Mai LD; Tran TS; Ho-Pham LT; Nguyen TV; Nguyen HD, 2021, An Age-Period-Cohort And Joinpoint Analysis Of Colorectal Cancer Incidence Trends in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam(1996-2015),

Pham DX; Ho T-QH; Bui TD; Ho-Pham LT; Nguyen TV, 2020, Trends in breast cancer incidence in Ho Chi Minh City 1996 - 2015:  a registry-based study,

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