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Lyu M; Madanapalli SC; Vishwanath A; Sivaraman V, 2024, 'Network Anatomy and Real-Time Measurement of Nvidia GeForce NOW Cloud Gaming', in , pp. 61 - 91,

Gharakheili HH; Hamza A; Sivaraman V, 2021, 'Cyber-securing IoT infrastructure by modeling network traffic', in Security and Privacy in the Internet of Things: Architectures, Techniques, and Applications, pp. 151 - 176,

Mahmud R; Toosi AN; Rodriguez MA; Madanapalli SC; Sivaraman V; Sciacca L; Sioutis C; Buyya R, 2021, 'Software-defined multi-domain tactical networks: Foundations and future directions', in Mobile Edge Computing, pp. 183 - 277,

Kandappu T; Friedman A; Sivaraman V; Boreli R, 2015, 'Privacy in Crowdsourced Platforms', in Zeadally S; Badra M (ed.), Privacy in a Digital, Networked World Technologies, Implications and Solutions, Springer, pp. 57 - 84

2011, 'Network and Medium Access Control Protocol Design for Wireless Body Area Networks', in Wireless Body Area Networks, Jenny Stanford Publishing, pp. 279 - 314,

2011, 'Power Management in Body Area Networks for Health Care Applications', in Wireless Body Area Networks, Jenny Stanford Publishing, pp. 315 - 342,

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Perera E; Seneviratne AP; Sivaraman V, 2006, 'Network Mobility', in Zhang Y; Hu H; Fujise M (ed.), Resource, Mobility, and Security Management in Wireless Networks and Mobile Communications, Auerbach Press, New York, pp. 417 - 441

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