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Lyu M; Tripathi RD; Sivaraman V, 2024, MetaVRadar: Measuring Metaverse Virtual Reality Network Activity, ,

Lyu M; Madanapalli SC; Vishwanath A; Sivaraman V, 2024, Network Anatomy and Real-Time Measurement of Nvidia GeForce NOW Cloud Gaming, ,

Lyu M; Gharakheili HH; Sivaraman V, 2023, A Survey on Enterprise Network Security: Asset Behavioral Monitoring and Distributed Attack Detection, ,

Hamza A; Gharakheili HH; Benson TA; Batista G; Sivaraman V, 2023, Detecting Anomalous Microflows in IoT Volumetric Attacks via Dynamic Monitoring of MUD Activity, ,

Lyu M; Gharakheili HH; Russell C; Sivaraman V, 2022, Analyzing Enterprise DNS Traffic to Classify Assets and Track Cyber-Health, ,

Lyu M; Gharakheili HH; Sivaraman V, 2022, A Survey on DNS Encryption: Current Development, Malware Misuse, and Inference Techniques, ,

Madanapalli SC; Mathai A; Gharakheili HH; Sivaraman V, 2021, Modeling Live Video Streaming: Real-Time Classification, QoE Inference, and Field Evaluation, ,

Mohottige IP; Gharakheili HH; Sivaraman V; Moors T, 2021, Modeling Classroom Occupancy using Data of WiFi Infrastructure in a University Campus, ,

Deng X; Feng Y; Sutjarittham T; Gharakheili HH; Gallego B; Sivaraman V, 2021, Comparing Broadband ISP Performance using Big Data from M-Lab, ,

Mahmud R; Toosi AN; Rodriguez MA; Madanapalli SC; Sivaraman V; Sciacca L; Sioutis C; Buyya R, 2020, Software-Defined Multi-domain Tactical Networks: Foundations and Future Directions, ,

Hamza A; Gharakheili HH; Sivaraman V, 2020, IoT Network Security: Requirements, Threats, and Countermeasures, ,

Chinaei MH; Gharakheili HH; Sivaraman V, 2020, Optimal Witnessing of Healthcare IoT Data Using Blockchain Logging Contract, ,

Hu K; Rahman A; Gharakheili HH; Sivaraman V, 2020, HazeDose: Design and Analysis of a Personal Air Pollution Inhaled Dose Estimation System using Wearable Sensors, ,

Hamza A; Ranathunga D; Gharakheili HH; Benson TA; Roughan M; Sivaraman V, 2019, Verifying and Monitoring IoTs Network Behavior using MUD Profiles, ,

Deng X; Feng Y; Gharakheili HH; Sivaraman V, 2019, Estimating Residential Broadband Capacity using Big Data from M-Lab, ,

Gharakheili HH; Lyu M; Wang Y; Kumar H; Sivaraman V, 2018, iTeleScope: Intelligent Video Telemetry and Classification in Real-Time using Software Defined Networking, ,

Hamza A; Ranathunga D; Gharakheili HH; Roughan M; Sivaraman V, 2018, Clear as MUD: Generating, Validating and Applying IoT Behaviorial Profiles (Technical Report), ,

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