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Zheng Y, 2016, '“The Province, Other Worlds and Revolution (省城,他乡,革命)"', in Iwasa Masaaki 岩佐昌暲 ; Li Yi 李怡 (ed.), The Dancing Table: Late Qing and Early Republican Chinese Students in Japan and Modern Chinese Literature (清末民初赴日留学生与中国现代文学), edn. 1, Huamulan wenhua chubanshe, Taipei, pp. 219 - 228

Zheng Y, 2015, 'The World of Twentieth-Century Chinese Popular Fiction: From Shanghai Express to Rivers and Lakes of Knights-Errant', in Yingjin Zhang (ed.), A Companion to Modern Chinese Literature, John Wiley & Sons, West Sussex, UK, pp. 244 - 260,

Zheng Y; Gal O, 2014, 'Global Motion and the Production of Knowledge', in Gal O; Zheng Y (ed.), Motion and Knowledge in the Changing Early Modern World: Orbits, Routes and Vessels, Springer, Dordrecht, pp. 1 - 14,

Zheng Y, 2014, 'Xu Xiake's Travel Notes: Motion, Records and Genre Change', in Gal O; Zheng YZ (ed.), Motion and Knowledge in the Changing Early Modern World: Orbits, Routes and Vessels, Springer, Dordrecht, pp. 31 - 45,

Zheng Y, 2012, 'Historical Crisis and New Poetic Spirit', in Fujita R (ed.), Issues of Far Eastern Literatures, edn. 1, St. Pertersburgh University Press, St. Petersburgh, pp. 251 - 272

Donald SH; Zheng Y, 2010, 'Chinese Modernisms', in The Oxford Handbook of Modernisms,

Donald SH; Zheng Y, 2010, 'Chinese Modernisms: Politics, Poetry and Cultural Dissonanc', in Brooker P; Gasiorek A; Longworth D; Thacker A (ed.), The Oxford Handbook of Modernisms, Oxford University Press, Oxford, pp. 976 - 995,

Zheng Y, 2009, 'À La Mode: the Provincial Cosmopolitan', in Donald SH; Kofman E (ed.), Branding Cities: Cosmopolitanism, Parochialism, and Social Change, edn. 1, Routledge, London, pp. 172 - 188

Zheng Y; Hemelryk Donald S, 2008, 'Richer than before – the cultivation of middle-class taste: education choices in urban China', in Goodman DSG (ed.), The New Rich in China: Future Rulers, Present Lives, Routledge, London, pp. 71 - 82,

Zheng Y, 2007, 'Wenrenjingshen yu houshehuizuyiqingqu: sanwen wenhua piping (Literati Spirit and Post-socialist Taste: on Contemporary Chinese Essay Culture', in Nanxiu Q; Hongshen Z (ed.), Zhongguowenxue: chuantong yu xiandai de duihua (Chinese Literature: Dialogue between Tradition and Modernity, edn. 1, shanghai guji zubanshe (Shanghai Classics Publishing House), Shanghai, pp. 628 - 641

Zheng Y; Donald SH, 2006, '“Zhongcan jieji pinwei de peiyang: chengshi zhongguo de yuedu, lüyou he jiaoyu xuanze (Cultivating Middleclass Taste: Urban China’s Reading, Travel and Education Choices)”', in Gong S (ed.), Kui Bu Ji (Steps of Transformation), Shanghai daxue chubanshe, Shanghai, pp. 131 - 137

Zheng Y, 2004, 'The Romantic Transfiguration of a Sublime Poetics', in Baillie C; Dunn E; Zheng Y (ed.), Travelling Facts: The Social Construction, Distribution, and Accumulation of Knowledge, edn. 1st, Campus Verlag, Frankfurt, pp. 92 - 123

Zheng Y, 2003, 'Cultural Traditions and Contemporaneity : the Case of the New Confucianist Debate', in Lepenies W (ed.), Entangled Histories and Negotiated Universals: Centers and Peripheries in a Changing World, edn. 1st, Campus Verlag, Frankfurt, pp. 310 - 336

Zheng Y, 2001, 'Cultural Tradition and Modern Confucianism', in Szegedy-Maszák M (ed.), National Heritage and National Canon, edn. 1st, Collegium Budapest Institute for Advanced Study, Budapest, pp. 145 - 176

Zheng Y, 1997, 'Narrative Images of the Historical Passion: those Other Women—On the Alterity in the New Wave of the Chinese Cinema', in Lu SH (ed.), Transnational Chinese Cinema: Identity, Nationhood and Gender, edn. 1, University of Hawaii Press, Honolulu, pp. 347 - 360

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